Sunday, April 23, 2017


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Advanced Motorcycle Coaching Season Starts in Spain........

Hello Everyone,

Been awhile since I updated my Blog, but here in the United Kingdom, the weather is not kind to us motorcyclists during the winter months.  Well it is now April and I am already taking bookings for one day courses, but started off with a week in Spain:
Had the opportunity to ride the new Ducati 1000 Supersport S up the Ronda road and in the hills above Malaga,
Experimented with the Sena Bluetooth Helmet comms system, which worked very well: BUT had a bit of a failure with the cameras.....  I took two Go Pro's a Hero 3 and a Hero 4, backed up with a Drift Hd which is lower profile for helmet mounting.....  Drift failed so replaced it with a GoPro and got some excellent footage:

So decision made.......New Sean Prism for the helmet and......
 Go Pro on the BMW...

Will be running two communications on the BMW during 2017, Bluetooth and the existing PMR 446 Bike to Bike Radio System - Autocom and perhaps Kenwood