Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Advancedbiker has new BMW R1200GS Adventure bought for him....

I have been very lucky - my son bought this Lego BMW R1200GS Technic 42063 construction kit for me from Amazon.....A quick look in the box revelaed two instruction manuals and a fair few bags full of Lego.  Well I took advantage of the On Line Lego App and download the PDF  which turned out to be a good guide.  You can magnify the page.......Great for the ones with older eyes, above the age of the Lego recommended age of ten to sixteen

52 Stages completed and the engine, gearbox, swingingarm and final drive are complete

Looking more like a motorcycle - Now reached stage 102
Suspension units fitted and top and rear frame in situ.. 

Front taking shape with start of mounting point for headlight

Stage 128, with front suspension , front and wheels fitted.......
On the home stretch but then had a bit of a disaster....... Not enough components to fit the upper front mudguard or side panels........
Reviewed the whole manual to see if I had used a component incorrectly - YES you guessed I have.....Wrong angled brick that fixed the silencer......

The black component fitted but had the wrong inserts, i.e. splines etc, which meant the component I had left would not fit the handlebar.  Quickly replaced and this freed up the components I had left, allowing me to finish the motorcycle

Just need to put some stickers on....


Opening Panniers

Moving engine parts, all connected to rear wheel

Moving Piston

Great model, thanks to Lego

Time spent on construction around three to four enjoyed hours.  Fitting every component was interesting as you often didn't find out what was being constructed till the last piece fitted into place.

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