Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Advancedbiker has new BMW R1200GS Adventure bought for him....

I have been very lucky - my son bought this Lego BMW R1200GS Technic 42063 construction kit for me from Amazon.....A quick look in the box revelaed two instruction manuals and a fair few bags full of Lego.  Well I took advantage of the On Line Lego App and download the PDF  which turned out to be a good guide.  You can magnify the page.......Great for the ones with older eyes, above the age of the Lego recommended age of ten to sixteen

52 Stages completed and the engine, gearbox, swingingarm and final drive are complete

Looking more like a motorcycle - Now reached stage 102
Suspension units fitted and top and rear frame in situ.. 

Front taking shape with start of mounting point for headlight

Stage 128, with front suspension , front and wheels fitted.......
On the home stretch but then had a bit of a disaster....... Not enough components to fit the upper front mudguard or side panels........
Reviewed the whole manual to see if I had used a component incorrectly - YES you guessed I have.....Wrong angled brick that fixed the silencer......

The black component fitted but had the wrong inserts, i.e. splines etc, which meant the component I had left would not fit the handlebar.  Quickly replaced and this freed up the components I had left, allowing me to finish the motorcycle

Just need to put some stickers on....


Opening Panniers

Moving engine parts, all connected to rear wheel

Moving Piston

Great model, thanks to Lego

Time spent on construction around three to four enjoyed hours.  Fitting every component was interesting as you often didn't find out what was being constructed till the last piece fitted into place.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moroccan Motorcycle Tours

Guided motorcycle tours through the real Morocco. Booking now for 2017

Morocco. An ancient land of contrasting landscapes- the Sahara desert, Atlas and Rif mountains, forests, gorges, Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts - stunning locations providing great riding for touring motorcyclists who want to embark on an unforgettable adventure.
Our 2 guided tours; 11 and 8 days, allow you to experience the best of this beautiful land on 2 wheels, breathing in amazing sights and awe-inspiring landscapes riding thrilling roads, experiencing exciting, safe touring motorcycling. 
We have carefully designed each tour with routes which reveal the real Morocco, the unique culture, the local people, ancient monuments, imperial cities, wild nature, souks, medinas, the cuisine, the craftsmanship. Ride it all, and come home with memories which last a lifetime.
Maximum group sizes are 10 riders, and there’s the option to bring a pillion passenger along to share this experience of a lifetime.
Hotels, kasbahs, desert camps and restaurants have been carefully selected by tour creator, John Bailey, to give the best quality available for each area, and a varied taste of the contrasts in Morocco.
Each tour begins with a ferry ride across the Mediterranean to Tangier Med, Morocco…and then the adventure begins.

Link to website : Moroccan Motorcycle Tours

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Looking forward to Advanced Coaching in 2017........



Welcome to the a web site of Advancedbiker dedicated to helping you out with advice on the purchase and fitment of Motorcycle or helmet mounted video cameras systems, bullet cameras etc. I have been operating a video mounted motorcycle systems since the early 2000's, with my first system mounted on my BMW R90S. On my Honda VFR 800 I refined the system, using bullet cameras and Sony Digital 8 and then Sony Mini DV tapes. In April 2010 I fitted my BMW R1200GS with 3 cameras ( Front, Back and Helmet ). However like everything that is connected with technology, things move on and the market place became flooded with mini HD cameras. So Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com invested in two HD Drift cameras. The new HD Cameras were not a flexible as the bullet cameras, but it was getting more difficult to keep the older Sony system up to date.

In 2015 a new BMWR1200 GS TE was purchased and a big decision was made. No wired camera system..........

I supplemented the HD Drift cameras with a GoPro Hero 3 and asked myself why had I left it so long to buy one. Well I thought that they had no audio in feed so I could not connect the Autocom system to it....Wrong. ALSO Sena made a Bluetooth device that fitted on the back of the Go Pro (Wireless Comms - Nice !) Towards the end of 2016 the HD Drift cameras started playing up and Drift refused to have anything to do with them, so another Go Pro 4 was purchased this time.

So in 2017 - Go Pro 3 (x2) Go Pro 4 HD Drift Sena Bluetooth Autocom for a start