Saturday, October 03, 2015

Off to St Marys Loch

Update with the Video System......... Gopro Hero 3 White Edition

Been awhile since I have posted anything,my apologies, been a bit bit busy with  this and that.

I have been trying to get a video recording system, which would allow me to use the existing bullet cameras on the BMW.  Well I thought I had managed to sort it by buying a mini DVR from 4Kam - Wrong.........
I bought it as it thinking as it recorded HDR quality footage I could do the same .NO ! Analogue so that was one thing not going for it, the in the summer, as I had it on the top of my tank bag so I could see if the footage was being recorded IT FAILED.  It was getting too hot so 4Kam suggested I put it in a cooler place.   I was not very convinced with it, but gave it another go on our Scotland trip last week.......

Still not happy with quality, but still a record of the trip, well nearly.......FAILED again after using it all day.  Just stopped and would not switch on.

Bought a Gopro Hero 3 White from Currys when I got back from Scotland, so now in the process of testing it.  So far, it hasn't overheated, stopped or failed.  I can even set it up wirelessly using my phone... I think this is the way to go......

Will continue to use the tried and trusted HD Drift cameras, but when the Gopro was only £149.00, had to try it........ Already bought some bits off Ebay, like a skeleton case, extra ram mounts and will be looking at WiFi .

Advancedbiker buys a GOPRO Hero 3 White Edition

Pass of the Cattle to Applecross - Heading towards Applecross