Sunday, May 03, 2015

Video footage can now be sent over the internet usually within 48 hrs .......

I have recently completed a couple of courses and then sent the clients footage from the on board video cameras in two formats:
1. All unedited footage on a Flash Drive in MP4 video format
2. Edited footage on DVD's (4 DVD's cover a typical days coaching)

The feedback was that they preferred the Flash Drive for ease of use in the many multimedia devices we now have access to so that could be the way to go, BUT also you could have the footage sent direct via the internet with say Wetransfer or Dropsend.  WATCH this space to see what develops.........

Advanced One Day Course

All one day assessment /coaching workshops / courses start at home with the initial contact either by phone or email. You are encouraged to complete an online rider profile which helps your instructor identify your strengths and weaknesses. The day is then is tailor made to suit your individual requirements. It is based on the Police pursuit style of training and is based on a 1:1 Rider to Instructor ratio.

The day usually starts at 10am, and following an initial assessment ride there is regular breaks for refreshments and debriefs. All courses are recorded with the on board video system on the Instructors BMW and all commentary is recorded aswell via the bike to bike comms.All the information, debriefs etc will be documented and you will receive a training journal at the end of the day. This workshop/course is designed to develop your riding style under the expert guidance of a qualified assessor in a controlled environment.

All video footage can be sent over the internet, but if you prefer can be stored on Flash Drive. (Please supply own Flash Drive) or DVD's still available.

Cost £ 240.00 1 : 1

Cost £150.00 (Per Rider) 2 : 1

Bespoke Motorcycle Courses - Coaching

​Rider Assessment Course (2 hours):​​​​​​​​​​-A riding skills assessment session consisting of initial online assessment, pre ride briefing, assessment ride and debrief. Course will be captured on video.

Cost £ 60.00 1:1 only

​​Half-Day (Max 4 Hours) :- A half day course looking at issues with your riding with a mixture of theory on on road riding. The session will be captured on camera and a written report provided.

Cost £ 120.00 1:1 only

Preparing for the RoSPA Motorcycle Test: -The RoSPA’s advanced motorcycle test has been given the Driving Standards Agency’s seal of approval and has been recognised . The test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public with a RoSPA Gold being the highest civilian riding standard. Have you got the ability to be a master of this art. If you have a good understanding and working knowledge of Roadcraft, the Police Riders Handbook and the Highway Code you are well on your way to taking the next step. The on road practical training and assessment prior to test. As a Rospa examiner Nigel can offer you help and advice to the achieve the ultimate grade.

Cost - Subject to individual requirements of the rider

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