Tuesday, March 31, 2015


This is our Yell.com entry:

Post Test Motorcycle Training for the motorcyclist who has passed their motorcycle test *** CBT and Direct Access Not Offered ***
Welcome to Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com an Advanced Motorcycle Rider Assessment and Development Training Consultancy based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. This site has been developed to help promote the Advanced Motorcycle Training and Rider Assessment courses / workshops that are run throughout the year.
We offer advanced courses/ rider workshops based on the Police system of motorcycle control with a Grade 1 Advanced Police Motorcycle Instructor. In other words, personalised professional advanced defensive riding, safety awareness, assessment, coaching and training sessions.
Accommodation can be arranged if you want to spend more than one day with us.

Many thanks for the calls re CBT, BUT we don't do them

Sunday, March 29, 2015

2 Channel DVR HD Mini Recorder

I still have the bullet cameras fitted on my BMW R1200GS motorcycle that I haven't used much over the last 12 months.  Preferring to use the Drift Hd cameras......
I saw this 2 channel DVR HD recorder off Ebay:  Thought of replacing Sony Camcorder and recording upto 720p quality on a SD Card.  Well managed to record some footage, but there was an annoying audio feedback and now the video out does not work.  I have asked for money back........
Worth a try:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Old Stebel Nautilus Compact horn replaced

The reliable Stebel Nautilus Compact horn started playing up and wasn't sounding right, so decided to look for another one.
Went onto E Bay and I thought I had bought a genuine replacement.....Wrong Chinese copy a Nautilus....Looks the same other than colour.... Made by Alpex £20.00 - Worth a go !

Copy on the left.......

Fits the same and seems to sound the same.....