Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Advanced Motorcycle - Rider Coaching Sessions Normandy France 2015

Welcome to Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com an Advanced Motorcycle Rider Assessment and Development Training Consultancy based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. We have been organising Advanced training in Normandy for over ten years but in 2015 there are no plans to return.......

BUT when you get an email from Ron Young in Normandy offering accommodation in Normandy..... Time for a change...... I  first met Ron Young a few years ago when he was running his bed and breakfast in Normandy and he joined one of the Advanced Group Tours.  We have kept in touch and come with the following idea:
Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com will be in Normandy for the D Day activities in June 2015 and will be able to offer his advanced coaching courses / workshops on:
 Each day will be designed to identify any bad habits picked up during your motorcycling and to develop your riding skills. A maximum of two riders per day riding the roads of Normandy.
COST PER DAY 300 Euros (2 Riders 150 Euros each)
Coaching based in around Saint Lo, Normandy

Accommodation and Ferry Prices not included

Some video footage from the tour in 2014 along the D999 in Normandy, France

Quote - Advanced Coaching Normandy 2015

Telephone: 07980 924 738 (UK)

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