Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Highland Fling 2015 - Motorcycle Tour of Scotland with Advanced Training

A big change for Advancedbiker in 2015.   No plans to go to Normandy, France this time, so looking at heading in the opposite direction towards Scotland.  Two friends of mine have put together a six day tour of Scotland, from Thursday 14th May 2015 to Tuesday 19th May 2015.  We are looking at meeting up at Skipton, in Yorkshire as our start point before heading north, via Edinburgh to our first overnight stop at Dunkeld.  Around 280 miles.  Day Two see us heading westish for a 180 mile run to Starthcaron, which will be our base for two nights.  Day Three run across to the Isle of Skye. Day Four we start heading south, taking in the coast roads to Oban - 140 miles.     Day Five we head for Moffat, our last overnight stop before heading back to England.
Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com will be offering advanced training and coaching on a one to one basis throughout the 5 days of riding.... 

I will be joining the tour to offer my services as an Advanced Instructor....... 

Contact Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com if you are interested.
Training - Mentoring £150.00 a day

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