Monday, June 09, 2014

Feedback from client - Advanced Motorcycle Training May 2014

Flash Drive versus DVD ?
During 2013 I was experimenting with HD1080p video footage and invested in a Hd Drift and Hd Drift Ghost camera, initially to run along side my existing video system (Bullet cameras and Sony Video camera recording onto Digital cassettes.)
I am now using the Drifts more and more and instead of producing a DVD of the training I supply a flash drive with the days footage to the client for them to download. This has saved me hours of editing and with I can download the footage over the internet.
I do miss the opportunity to use front and rear cameras, but will work on that.

Here is a letter off a client who had the footage posted to him on a flash drive:
Hi Nigel,
Great video, with some excellent footage - Thanks again.
It's good to be able to replay various parts and consider ways to improve on what you have done.
It's all about continuous learning.
I love it !!!
Ill be in touch again soon,
All the best,

Footage from the session

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