Friday, June 27, 2014

Advancedbiker - Radio Communication for clients - Kenwood and Baofeng

Over the years I have used a number of radios for communicating with my clients, from Icom, Cobra, Wintec and most recently Kenwood Protalk and Baofeng F888s.  All these radios operate on the UK pmr446 frequency.
I have bought a Kenwwod Protalk as all the riders on the Normandy tour had them and in the long run, it is easier to change channels.  The Baofeng radios, were less than £15.00 on E Bay and once programmed to the PMR 446 frequency work fine.  (Not used for transmitting - Still use my Bike mounted Icom for this).

The question I often get asked is what helmet speakers do you use ?

Well I got rid of the D Type single speakers a long time ago, as they were very uncomfortable, so I found these - Twin stereo speakers, that fit easily into most helmets and found on E Bay for about £6.99 delivered - UK Stock.

They can be either fixed to the lining of the helmet as the come 'Velcro' backed or slid inside the helmet.

The problem I had with these speakers is that they are stereo and the radio, whatever type I use is a mono output.  So if plugged directly into a radio, only one of the two speakers work.

Back onto E Bay to search for a Mono to Stereo convertor...

Found on E Bay for around £1.75 gives sound to both speakers.........

The next problem..... Kenwood and Baofeng radios appear to differ form the majority of other PMR 446 units, in that the audio is a 2.5mm socket.  Other PMR's seem to be 3.5mm.  
Back to E Bay and source a 2.5mm to 3.5mm - Uk supplier about £1.58 delivered.

Next wait for the post and see if it all fits together....

So far so good.....

All connected, now will it work with the Kenwood and Baofeng.......

YES ! Clear communication at a fraction of the cost of buying the many 'Covert' earpieces as advertised, which have only one speaker.

Total Cost for twin speaker Earpiece with adaptors - £ 10.32

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