Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Skippy the BMW - Rear Shocker lost all it's Oil.........

Last week I noticed that the reliable Bmw R1200GS was starting to handle strangely on some bends.  Thought nothing of it as I thought the tyres had gone off.  The rear has done 12,000 miles with 3mm left on it, but has squared off.  Couldn't find anything wrong, so on another ride, the BMW was reacting like a Kangaroo.  The rear had  mind of it's own and when I stopped I saw oil dripping from the rear shock.
Time for some research........
The BMW has done 38,000 miles, never had a pillion and not had a hard life, but the rear shock gone.
Can I get it repaired - NO - Sealed unit so what next....... Replacement BMW Shock around £1,200.00, better look at the forums.  Found some replacement units from Wilbers, Ohlins, Hagon and Nitron, all in the region of £400 to £650.

I managed to source a pair from a 2012 model which had only done 9,000 miles for £300.00.  I would be replacing Showa shocks to White Power..... Would they fit...

Time to look up the Haynes Manual, chapter 4.14 for front Shock and chapter 4.20 and make sure I have the necessary tools...Yes invested in a Hex Socket set awhile back.

So tackled the rear shock absorber first, 
Take off the silencer which gives you better acces and the undo the bottom securing bolt first, before removing placing chocks under the rear wheel to take the weight off the shock. Next having removed the seat undo the top, everything slack, how will it come off.

Noticed in the Haynes manual that they removed the rear wheel, but having looked at the space available, I removed my mudslinger and the shock came away.  No Issues.

Rear shock fitted and torque'd as required, silencer refitted, bit of silicon on the joint, start up...Sounding OK.

Just need to was off all the oil off the 'Mudslinger, replace. JOB DONE in about 30 minutes....

I was in the mood and it was early in the morning so I decided to trackle the front shock.....

I thought it would be an easy job....NO !

I had a big problem with the bottom bolt, it would undo so far and the go tight.......  Out came the WD40 to lubricate the bolt and work it forward and back...Still would not come out.

Last resort filed some metal off the hole on the offside fork leg and to be astonishment, bolt came out, no problem.

So bottom bolt out, time to tackle the top nut, but where is it ?

You have to remove all the side panels, Petrol tank cover, which then uncovers the plastic petrol tank.

Do I remove it or not.....No just pull it back to reveal the bolt on top of the front shock.... Allen key and spanner - Sorted

Now compress the back suspension and raise the front a little with chocks under the sump, just enough and the front shock come out easy.

Now time to tighten it all up and start replacing all the panels.

 I always dread this bit, in case I drop anything into the tank, but it has to be done.  Replacing the petrol cap, but first stuff the whole with  some rag.

Will it work YES and when I had finished, no screws missing or left over, so ready for the road again after a quick wash
 New Shock Fitted

Ready for Work again

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