Saturday, December 07, 2013

Repairing Garmin Zumo 550 Sat Nav

Well it has happened again..... My Garmin Zumo 550 Sat Nav stopped working again.  It broke when I was in Normandy in April and through the internet I found out that a common fault was a thing called a Digitizer.  In otherwords the screen you touch to make it all happen.  This time the sat nav turned on and the screen went white.  I coupled the sat nav upto the computer and everything was functioning, so I thought the Digitizer had failed.  After a quick search on the internet I order a new replacement and fitted it today.
Thought you might see how I did it:

Make sure you have a set of these handy - Electronic Screwdriver Set as you need to remove all the 8 screws from the back of the Sat Nav and also the top cover.

When you ease open the the back cover the front screen is attached with the straps above.  They are held in place with a small plastic hinged bars which when pulled back releases both connections.  Looking at the unit from this angle, pull towards you.  One is black for the long connection the other browish. 

Before I went any further I checked the new digitizer and switched the sat nav on.  It worked, so on with the installation.

Remove 4 four phillips scews from the plastic housing and remember not to loose the rubber seal.

Old Digitizer - Metal Carrier - Rubber Seal
  If the digitizer had not been replaced before, the original is glued in and you will need to ease the screen away from the metal carrier.  When I did the first replacement I cracked the screen.   It happens..... Doesn't matter as you are replacing it.
Time for the replacement:
The replacement digitizer is slightly smaller, so I applied a bit of clear silicon to hold it centrally on the metal carrier and also put a small amount on the rubber seal.  Screw the carrier and new digitizer back onto the plastic body and then carefully refit the the plastic electrical connections - Click the retaining bars back in place.
Put the two parts of the Zumo 550 and switch on........ Works !!!!!! 

Working Garmin Zumo 550 Repair £20.00

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