Saturday, November 02, 2013

Why does Advancedbiker use a Radio ?

Why do I use a radio ?

Well I started using radios back in the 1980's as a means of communicating between myself as an Instructor to all my clients who I took out training.
However over the years a number of organisations have had certain reservations about radio use, I think basically because of the BLAME culture that we now live in.
When you use radios any conversation can be taken as an instruction and therefore if acted on incorrectly could leave you in a situation whereby the person who receives that message, could be placed in danger.
So when you use radios, do you cease to become an Instructor ?  Do you then become an observer , mentor, trainer, coach.....etc

I think what ever slant is put on it you must ALWAYS act in a professional manner and that goes for the person you have out with you.

When you go out training you can use the radio in several ways and the most common way is giving commentary, either by doing a demonstration ride in front or by following the other rider.  Something like this:

Motorway ride M6 Junction 18 to 17 in Cheshire

Then the other way of using radio is for the coaching - mentoring the rider you are with.  You have got to strike a happy balance between offering the rider sufficient information for them to make their own riding decisions based on the information supplied.  I have been with Observers -Instructors who never stop talking and in my view this cannot be a good thing as it eventually turns the other rider into what I call a ROBOTIC rider. Not thinking for themselves.
The use of radios for me gives me :
  • Control of the riding environment
  • Able to give directions
  • Instant feedback - Including Praise
  • A more effective method of delivering the 'training'
I hope that when you watch the following video you hear that I try not to give any instructions actions for the rider to take.  Using words like - Consider......Pick your head up....... Look ahead......Watch out......Safety...... Use BUZZ words and keep them short, and check with the rider first taht they are happy and understand certain phrases. 
 In the following video clip it is early on in the training and I am only concentrating on a few issues; Forward Observation, Gears, Positioning.....

Here Goes:

This is looking a rider at the commencement of a session with the added bonus of him being able to communicate back to me.  He had never done anything like this before, but he does cope very well.

The use of radios for me is a great 'tool' - Don't be afraid to use them.

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