Friday, June 07, 2013

Advanced Motorcycle Training with a rider from South Africa in South Wales

Towards the end of April this year I received an email, followed up with a message on Google + from a rider from South Africa who was coming over to the United Kingdom in May and then going onto South Wales in June before flying back home.  He was going to visit friends near to Cardiff, which was ideal, as I knew where he could hire a motorcycle for the day.  Arrangements were made, further e-mails exchanged and a date and time fixed.
So On Thursday 6th June 2013, an early start for me, on the road for 6.30am for a 3 hours ride for me to get to Cardiff to meet the client at the BMW dealership, in Cardiff.  I arrived 10 minutes late due to traffic problems on the approach to Cardiff and upon arrival at Rider BMW, I was met by the client.

I recognised him through his photographs on Google +
Once the paperwork was done, we have a chat before we set off.   What did we chat about, well his previous riding history and what he was looking for out the days assessment/training.

On the roads with the new BMW F800GS ....

I managed to get out of Cardiff and stopped on the road out towards the M4to turn the cameras on, then it was the turn of the  client.  A short ride in front onto the M4 before heading north on the A roads through Pontypool to Abergaveny.
After a debrief at Abergaveny I did a short demonstration ride in front with commentary, before he was given the opportunity to ride in front again:
He is a short clip from the ride.......

Whilst doing the following I encountered this incident:
We had a good day together, that did highlight a few areas that I can share with you.
Always be aware of the countries road laws..... Especially in the UK, different speed limits....


Geoff James said...

Nice post Nigel. Had a similar encounter to your van in Friday when I was on my way to take an IAM Associate out.

In my case though, he didn't even indicate when he pulled out to overtake a truck in front. Fortunately, I'd watched him overtake a car a few minutes earlier with no indicating and forcing his way into a small gap so kept a close eye on him.

Both of our incidents are a good advert for situational awareness eh?

keep up the good work!

Geoff in NZ

Unknown said...

Thank you for your effort on my behalf Nigel, it is highly appreciated.

As I've indicated the technical level needed to negotiate UK roads are far higher than South African roads. However I'm thankful and honoured to have met you and experience your excellent tuition skills. I've learnt a lot from our time together.