Thursday, February 07, 2013

Advancedbiker - Advanced Motorcycle Training in Spain - Day Three

The start of another day, the wind has dropped and the temperatures at 9am in the morning, yes 9am (Glyn) are staring to rise......

This morning another rider is coming along for the experience.

Today I wanted to look at Sharon and Johan on simliar roads to the ones we used on day two, so I suggested the same route to dinner and then return back to the coast.

In the short time I had been with both riders, I had seen progress in terms of a greater awareness of their riding environment and most of all getting them away from the theoretical side of Advanced Riding - Roadcraft.  It is all right reading about it, but putting it into practice in a practical way is another matter.
The biggest thing that sticks out when doing this assessing in positioning for bends........ The majority of riders plan quite effectively for one bend, BUT if you have your view WHY ?  During this course we focused on forward planning, one bend to the next and as Johan said, 'Knitting them together', so in otherwords trying to keep the motorcycle stable as much as possible and that means upright.

The roads we went on were smooth, no potholes and although twisty, made the riders more aware of the importance of planning for the next bend, in otherwords formulating the 'Riding Plan'.  When this is addedd to the mix and then we add the right speed, and then right gear with the right amount of throttle - BALANCE, WE start to get CONTROL.

Forgot to mention enjoyment when it all comes together.
We had regular debriefs as like everything these best laid plans fail....

I took my Tribe radio to pair upto the riders Scala Bluetooth systems, but the Autocom system I took failed to work, despite having new batteries fitted.

Must have been the heat, hence no commentary on the video footage.....

What happened at the end of the day....Well we had to find a beach front cafe for a debrief.......
What do I think of Spain as a training venue ?

I had my reservations as I  did not know what to expect as you come to an an area, and when you are told Benidorm, you think British Holiday makers, package tours etc......  Well we never even went into the place (Just saw the sky line) and instead was introduced to the beautiful countryside around from Javea in the north down towards Alicante.  The are some good open type roads further in land, but the roads we chose, although very twisty, worked.  Why  - because it developed rider awareness, forward planning, control and confidence, without the aspect of speed,  As a training area, IT WORKED FOR ME.
My thanks to Johan and Sharon for having the faith in asking me over and Glyn and Christine my hosts......
Here is a edited clip of the training with music by High Spy:


I alsogot a mention here : The Driver Training Daily

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