Sunday, January 20, 2013

Countdown to Spain - Advanced Motorcycle Training

While I am writing this, looking out of the window, I can see snow on the ground and a few more flakes of snow dropping.  The United Kingdom is just about getting back to normal with the majority of roads now open.
I am off to Spain on Thursday to do some Advanced Motorcycle Training......What should I pack ?

Well all my technical gear, camera, Autocom, radio comms, but what about riding gear.  Well it looks like a barmy 12 degrees at the moment, so it may not be too bad.
Radio comms, the riders in Sapin have Scala Rider, so I will take my Tribe radio and hopefully they should pair up.

Everything is on charge now,will keep you posted......

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Advanced Motorcycle Training Icon for I Phones and I Pads

 I don't know if this will work, but I have created a small icon that should make it easier to find my site when you are using mobile phones and tablets.  Once you have found me by inputting the long web site address of : 
or if you get the the mobile site, try

Then as you are browsing my site on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, they can just hit the "action" button (on iOS 4.2, the "+" button or earlier versions of iOS) and tap "Add to Home Screen". That   will create a WebClip right alongside their apps.

So next time you want to visit my site - Instant one-touch access

Lets get 'surfing'..........

Monday, January 14, 2013

Advanced Motorcycle Trainingon Freeindex web site

With many years experience in the motorbike training craft, Advanced Motorcycle Training is a long established business, offering advanced motorcycle training to customers throughout the United Kingdom. All courses are recorded with an on board motorcycle video system, giving instant visual and audio feedback of all the assessments and training. In 2008 the company started offering advanced training as part of motorcycle trips to France, Normandy. Established in 2002, the business is based in Biddulph (Stoke-on-trent).

Advanced Motorcycle Training delivers comprehensive advanced motorcycle training to clients from around the world. All courses being designed around the individual needs of the client / rider. With on board video systems, all courses are recorded.

With just one dedicated full time advanced instructor, Advanced Motorcycle Training has a professional team, offering individual one to training and assessment to a high standard. The instructor is an retired Police motorcycle Instructor who is a ROSPA examiner, who has a NVQ in Riding and Development, together with a BTEC based on Advanced Motorcycle Training.

Courses are bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of the rider.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Advanced Motorcycle Training Web Site goes Mobile

Having just changed web site host before Christmas, I noticed that they were promoting the use of a mobileweb site design package.  I have been thinking about doing a mini web site for mobile phones and I Pads etc, so decided to try the site out.  Well I have signed up with GoMobi for 12 months and designed a site.

Here is the site:

Advanced Motorcycle Training in Spain

Just before christmas, I had an email from a potential client who lived near to Benidorm in Spain.  He was enquiring about some advanced motorcycle training in Spain for himself and his wife, only problem - Motorcycle.......
Well he has a spare one I can use......So I am off at the end of January, flying from Manchester to Alicante, doing a 3 day course and then stopping with an old work mate for a couple more days.

Exciting times..... Big logistical challenge.....

Will keep you posted