Friday, August 03, 2012

Advancedbiker writes on Facebook and gets a response

I have been putting some photographs onto Facebook and had a fantastic response, so I decided to let my friends know what a day with me was like.
This is the article: 

What does Advanced Motorcycle Training. Com offer ?
Well I have never put pen to paper on this, so I thought I would give it a go.
I generate most of my interest in advanced motorcycle training from my web site page, which is supplemented by Facebook and Twitter. So the initial contact is often via e-mail and then a telephone call.
Then the mentoring, training, assessment what even you want to ca
ll it commences with the initial contact followed up with a request I make for all clients to complete a self assessment form then a brief history of their riding and what they want to get out of the training etc. A mutual date is set and the day completed, usually one to one, or occasionally one to two. The client then goes home and I hide myself in the loft for a day producing DVD’s of the day’s experience. So a day’s course usually is two or three days of commitment for me.
With the internet it means I do not do my work in around my home town, often travelling out to meet clients from as far a field as London, The Cotswolds, East Midlands, the North West, virtually anywhere, even from abroad.
I have been doing this since the early 1980’s and still find it enjoyable, or I would not do it, meeting people, seeing their riding improve and also learning things myself.
As well as work within the United Kingdom, I try to get to France, Normandy at least once a year and do some advanced training.

Then I got this e-mail........... Thank you very much,it is appreciated....

What I thought I was getting:

·         Advanced Motorcycle Tuition from a highly experienced ex-Police Motorcyclist and YouTube Advanced motorcycling contributor

·         Feedback on the day including de-briefs and hints and tips on how to improve my riding

·         An assessment report and a DVD of the day

What I got:

·         A brilliant day out - riding on some unfamiliar but spectacular roads in Wales and the Peak District

·         Expert coaching and feedback – riding is observed in great detail, problems are expertly diagnosed and feedback is given in an easy to understand and practical way. Nigel teaches you why not just how. Good advanced riding practice is positively reinforced and encouraged

·         Safe Learning Environment - Nigel’s enthusiasm for motorcycles and road safety is infectious. Personal limits are recognised, respected and checked on a regular basis throughout the day. A thoughtful and kind instructor whose overriding priority was my safety, my comfort and my learning. I felt in very safe hands at all times

·         A helpful and fair assessment report and DVD delivered promptly; including a starring role in a YouTube clip so others can benefit from the feedback I received and see the difference it made in my riding

·         Breaks and stops – tuition can be intense for both instructor and rider. Nigel times breaks to give feedback and discuss the day just when you feel you need one

·         Nigel makes the day fun, with time for a light hearted remark or a “fun” exercise – “let’s see if you can ride without touching the brakes for the next few miles”

·         A longer term relationship – Nigel has helped me grow as a rider, both in our follow up correspondence (Nigel answers all my follow up questions with helpful exercises, hints and tips), through to joining more intense advanced training sessions in Wales and Normandy

·         His encouragement to continue my learning through RoSPA or IAM groups

·         Nigel has helped make my riding not only much safer but also, much more enjoyable

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