Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventure Bike Warehouse - BMW R1200GS repaired

When I went up to see Jono the other month he noticed some played in the rear wheel bearing on my trusty BMW R1200GS.  At 24,000 miles, this should not be happening, so I made arrangements to have it replaced today.

So with the BMW on the workbench, it was wheel off and drain the oil.

Then he came out with this device, which was very similar to a hub extractor.

Only thing missing was a heat gun to heat the aluminium on the disc brake so it could be eased off the spline.

This was not a job for me.....

 Big guns coming out not, disc upto temperature and the work begins, slowly the disc begins to move on the splined shaft.
 Perhaps not....bit more heat, time for a brew...

Jono nearing the end of the job.

Thanks again, great service,with the tea, biscuits and chips all for a fantastic price.

Adventure Bike Wraehouse is the place to go for quality Bmw Servicing.

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