Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interesting week ahead with Advanced Motorcycle Training

An interesting week ahead for Advanced Motorcycle Training:
  • Monday - 1 day course and a run out to Wales - Experimenting with giving the client a bullet camera and camcorder, So we will be recording two views of the road and hopefully if it works combine some of it as split screen.
  • Tuesday - RoSPA motorcycle test ( I am also a regional RoSPA examiner )
  • Friday -  Travel down to Tewkesbury for a 1 Day course with a client from nearby Yardbridge on Saturday
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Advanced Motorcycle Workshop Normandy 2013 with Advancedbiker

  • 3 days of advanced training, come workshop
  • The advanced guidance will be 1:3 based on the individual needs of the rider, with the length of training agreed beforehand.( 2 Instructors )
  • Limited to 6 Riders
  • Radio comms with all riders
  • Agreed routes
  • One main camera motorcycle.(2 camera Motorcycles on trip)
  • Days training footage shown in the evening.
  • Return Brittanny Ferries Portsmouth to Cherbourg to Portsmouth ( So we can meet you prior to boarding the ferry )

Cost £300.00 for the training workshop - Ferry and accommodation not included in price.

Dates for 2013 are out - Going out to Normandy on Thursday 25th April 2013 and returning Monday 29th April.

So if you are interested, please let me know, places are limited, only 5 available (25.7.2012)

WE WILL run another trip in September if there is enough interest.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training

Well here is a first for me, recommendation....

For motorcycle training in Londonderry, Northern Ireland have a look at the website from Learn 2 Ride

Here is the link :

Quick link : HERE

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Praise from Australia - Youtube Clips

Message via e mail from
Melbourne Australia

I am a Police Driving Instructor and have just seen several of your videos. Nice Job, you are a natural instructor, well done. Enjoy your vids and hope there are more people like us who care about excellent driving to make a difference.

(Name witheld)

Australian Federal Police Melbourne

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventure Bike Warehouse - BMW R1200GS repaired

When I went up to see Jono the other month he noticed some played in the rear wheel bearing on my trusty BMW R1200GS.  At 24,000 miles, this should not be happening, so I made arrangements to have it replaced today.

So with the BMW on the workbench, it was wheel off and drain the oil.

Then he came out with this device, which was very similar to a hub extractor.

Only thing missing was a heat gun to heat the aluminium on the disc brake so it could be eased off the spline.

This was not a job for me.....

 Big guns coming out not, disc upto temperature and the work begins, slowly the disc begins to move on the splined shaft.
 Perhaps not....bit more heat, time for a brew...

Jono nearing the end of the job.

Thanks again, great service,with the tea, biscuits and chips all for a fantastic price.

Adventure Bike Wraehouse is the place to go for quality Bmw Servicing.