Saturday, June 02, 2012

Crossing - Straddling solid white centre line

This is part of an email I have just received regarding the offence in the United Kingdom of crossing a solid white line in the centre of the carriageway.....
‘... there is an opinion that absolutely no part of the bike or rider should encroach over a solid white line on the riders offside..... My understanding is that the offence is only complete when the tyres/wheels straddle the solid white line, be it a single or a double. I ride a relatively wide bike, ..... which with the panniers on is fairly broad to its rear. However having said that the widest point of the machine is still the mirrors.’
My question is when is the offence committed given you the option of only saying (a) or (b);
(a)   When the wheels of the motorcycle straddles and or crosses the solid white line
(b)   When any part of the offside of the motorcycle straddles of crosses the white line.
Your views are very welcome.

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