Thursday, June 28, 2012

Experimenting with giving the client a spare Helmet camera

I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, even buying new camera equipment - the ones which record on to flash drives.
Well I found a spare camcorder, bullet camera and some batteries and gave it a go.
The client was up for it, but I wasn't very confident as I hadn't thought of a way to fix the bullet camera to the clients helmet.  Camcorder and power suplly, not isuues .  Bum bag.....

Managed to get some footage, but bullet camera moved and my camera was playing up.  I wasn't happy with the quality.
Well I have put some footage together on Youtube and need some feedback.....Which example works best ?
When I got home, found a better camera mount and sorted my camera set up, look forward to trying it again

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bikers4Macmillan cancer support SUNSET to SUNRISE - Ride June 2012

Bikers4Macmillan cancer support SUNSET to SUNRISE - Ride June 2012
A charity ride from South Stacks Lighthouse, Holyhead in Wales across country to Skegness on the East coast.   I thought I could combine my motorcycling with my new hobby, photography.  Some pictures of the sun setting in Holyhead and the the sun rising in Skegness, around 250 miles later.  Think again......
As you can see there was no sun, only grey skies, which were full of rain...
Did not see any sunset or sunrise, but 173 intrepid motorcyclists braved the rain, rain, and  even more rain.  It did not stop all night.

This is footage from the ride, unedited.

Music by HIGH SPY Head for the Moon - Use of music approved by copyright owner Mark Price - (Bomark)
This is an unofficial record of the ride.  Any money generated from this clip will be donated to the charity.
On reflection a most enjoyable ride.....and the camera worked very well during the night and still worked through all that rain.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It is still raining in the United Kingdom

I am getting a bit fed up of this weather, not point in going out on the BMW and getting wet, so I have been having a go at my other passion, photography and got these pictures in the rain....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Adventure Bike Warehouse BMW Servicing

Well it was that time of year again, where the BMW R1200GS is due for a service and I had to make a decision as to which dealershio I should take it to.  The service was the 24,000 mile one and I really didn't want to go to a main dealer as they ask such silly prices, like for instance £70.00 for 4 litres of oil.
Well I had seen some recommendations on the UKGSER forum about Adventure Bike Warehouse,Unit 5, Agecroft Enterprise Park, Shearer Way, Swinton, Manchester, M27 8WA.

Well with the phone call made, service was booked, post code in the sat nav it was off.
Arriving at 10am, when they open was really good as I missed most of the rush hour traffic in and around Manchester, and what made things better was being greeted with a cup of tea and some toasted tea cakes.  I had to relaxed outside the unit on the patio set, whilst I waited for Jono, my mechanic for the day.  I say day.........

 Within minutes of him arriving the BMW was up on the ramp and the service began...

What I liked about it was I could see my motorcycle being worked on and was able to chat with Jono about what he was doing.

I learnt a lot about the way it should be done and towards the end of the day saw how the computer system checked the BMW.

I say at the end of the day.......Don't expect the job to be rushed as whilst you wait, you have drink numerous mugs of tea and be supplied with a light snack for lunch.....All part of the service.
So what did I get for my service:

Well I took my own engine oil, I am supported by Fuchs and took some Silkolene Pro 4 10W - 40.
All filters replaced
Brake fluid replaced
Engine balanced
Brakes serviced and set of rear pads replaced
Fitted with Iridium spark plugs

Also a job for next time, slight play in the rear wheel bearing.

After  test ride I was ready to leave for home.

Arrived at 10am and left at 5pm after and informative and relaxing day.

As soon as I rode off I noticed a difference in the BMW - It was a lot smoother, more responsive and I was using a lower gear as it appeared to have more torque.

Would I recommend Adventure Bike Warehouse to anyone wanting an excellent service, to an excellent standard at a non BMW Dealership price - YES.

A big thank you to Jono for the excellent job and Adrian for all the tea and food

 If you are interested, here are the web site details, and they also offer tours.....

Quote from the website : Adventure Bike Warehouse 
Adventure Bike Warehouse is a distributor and re-seller of parts and accessories for motorcycles built for tough adventures.  We carry a large amount of stock in order to try and fulfil customer satisfaction with speed of delivery.  We also stock camping equipment, tents, tools, workshop accessories, as well as clothing,helmets, boots and gloves.
We have a fully fitted workshop and offer fitting of parts purchased to your motorcycle, as well as full servicing on many makes of bikes, repairs, and HID light upgrades.  We offer preparation of bikes about to embark upon long journey's.  Bikes we have prepped have even reached the most northern extremes of Alaska. Whether you're going on an adventure around the world, around Europe, or simply weekends away in the UK, we have the gear to make your trips comfortable.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Recommendation received on Linkedin

From a rider who has just done a 4 hour assessment/mentoring session with me:-

Details of the Recommendation: "From the moment you meet Nigel he gives you confidence in your own ability. He gives confident, clear and precise communication. He's got a great way to get you thinking about your own riding, which helps you to improve quicker. With a depth of knowledge he's able to explain things in different ways so you can understand. You can develop your skills at your own pace knowing Nigel's totally supportive, but never pushy. I would recommend Nigel to anybody who'd like to improve their riding and it wouldn't matter how good you are, Nigel will take you to your next level."
Service Category: Advanced Motorcycle Training
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good ValueRecommendation received

Many thanks to Gail (6.6.2012)

Monday, June 04, 2012

Thank You Youtube 5 Million views......400 Videos

Well I can not tell everyone how it feels with now over 5 million views from all over the world...  Two words then THANK YOU.

Here is a run to music from High Spy ........ Normandy 2012

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Crossing - Straddling solid white centre line

This is part of an email I have just received regarding the offence in the United Kingdom of crossing a solid white line in the centre of the carriageway.....
‘... there is an opinion that absolutely no part of the bike or rider should encroach over a solid white line on the riders offside..... My understanding is that the offence is only complete when the tyres/wheels straddle the solid white line, be it a single or a double. I ride a relatively wide bike, ..... which with the panniers on is fairly broad to its rear. However having said that the widest point of the machine is still the mirrors.’
My question is when is the offence committed given you the option of only saying (a) or (b);
(a)   When the wheels of the motorcycle straddles and or crosses the solid white line
(b)   When any part of the offside of the motorcycle straddles of crosses the white line.
Your views are very welcome.