Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Overcoming Adversity - Riding a Honda VTX 1800 Trike

This may seem an unusual post, but last year I was contacted by a client who was disabled, an amputee, who had just bought himself a Honda VTX 1800 Trike.   The trike had been converted so he could use it and yesterday I had the opportunity to ride it.  First time on a Trike......
Well what an experience....... I had been out a couple of times with him, with me riding on the pillion, so thought it couldn't be that hard.  Think again.  As a rider used to a clutch and levers in the 'right' place, you had to think a lot more as for starters the gear selection was via a push button on the left handle bar.  Press green for down changes and red for up.

 Well I 'cocked' up my first bit as it has a reverse which works by pulling a lever on the right of the trike, forgot to push it fully forward, so had no forward drive........

So we were off, the big V twin pulling quite well and me getting used to the gear changing buttons.  Still kept twitching my left foot as I changed gear.

 Next big challenge - Turning left at a roundabout..... What gear, do I put some power on to drive the trike round, do I let it go by itself, how will it turn.  Too late, I had to make the turn...  I immediately found it was very hard to turn, as the rear wheels were trying to 'push' me straight.  Now I knew what to expect, so every bend was treated with respect, with me having to use muscles I had never used before when riding a motorcylce.  Having to apply 'force' to either slightly push or pull the hanlde bars to make the turn.

Having managed to get the Trike moving, next big 'problem' STOPPING.....  Both the front and rear brakes operated off two levers on the right handlebar.  Strange and it took a bit of getting used to.

In the end managed to get the Trike and my client home and all I can say..... Nigel, (not me) you are a braver man than me, having to overcome adversity and deal with riding a Trike.

Photographs are stock and adaptions available from Klik Tronic

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