Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Not a bad month - March 2012

I have had a very lucky March and avoided all the bad weather and managed to get out and do some promotional work and a two day course.

I renewed my aquaintance with Simon Weir from Ride magazine and we spent a few hours riding around the countryside, starting at Rutland Water.  I was a little concerned as I was trying the newly purchased EBay Sony camcorder, need not have worried, worked very well.

A great session and some good feedback, moreof an advanced rider workshop,

Thanks Simon look forward to the article

Then out of the blue a phone call from Ireland and within the week a chap came over and we did a two day course.  First day spent in Wales and second day in the Peak District.

I have just finished the DVD's for both sessions,took me about a day and a half......

Just need to get the reports done now.

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