Saturday, March 03, 2012

Video System BMW R1200GS - Further work

Well the Pelicase 1300 is fitted but will it work ?

The front power outlet - via the Powerlet plug and socket, fitted and feeding the power to all three cameras.

Still work in progress, power lead fitted and top grey lead, Autocom five pin lead for radio,

Hole below, not finished yet, for lead for external arial for pmr 446 radIo - Not legal in the United Kingdom.

The power feed to the Pelicase is connected to either the canbus Bmw supply or a direct , fused power supply.

The power supply is under the seat and I added an extra powerlet socket - direct 12 volt from battery.

Radio now fitted........ So I can communicate with other riders and all the conversation is recorded  on the Sony Video Camcorder....

Replacement Sony 109 camcorder connected and ready for work......
The camcorder can run of its own battery or from the 12 Volt supply off the BMW via a Sony Car convertor.  The power goes direct to the Bags Connection Tank Bag, but I have added an extra Powerlet plug so can diconnect it when not in use.  The handlbar bag is used to keep leads etc, not a bad buy off Hein Gericke for around £10.00...

I have added three sockets to the side of the BMW clocks, so I can plug in the video camera. 

With all the new camera coming out all the time, it is getting harder and harder to find camcorders with AV in and Lanc.  My old Sony HC 96e developed a fault, £100.00 tp repair, so bought a Sony PC109 off Ebay for a cheaper price.  The lanc allows me to stop and start the video

Last thing - switch to control the cameras - fron and back, top switch for helmet camera when fitted.

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