Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out on the road again testing camcorder

  • Feedback to recent video on Youtube - Thanks

    Confidence inspiring ride.Now my son has taken to two wheels (yes, i have nightmares) you were the first place i pointed him to and knowing he watches and learns fast calms my nerves a little.
    Thank you Nigel.
    You have been missed.
  • @PopulationcontrolNow - Thank you very much Shane. If you any particular footage, let me now and I willsee what I have.
  • Nigel have you covered any filtering (either motorway or other roads) in any of your videos? If not this would be a helpful area to cover as I think there is often confusion about what is legal/safe.
    Best wishes, Jay
  • @mx3design Couple of videos on here search under - 'advancedbiker filterin' should find you 4 clips. Any questions get back to me....

  • mx3design @advancedbiker THIS! I'd would love to see some vids on that Nigel. What do we do when you get caught in the light rush?
  • pop a wheelie bro lol.
  • One thing I always look for on LGV's and any vehicles with twin wheels on each side of an axle is for any lumps of trapped brick, rock or any other debris that may come loose and fly towards me. This has saved me on more than one occasion.
    Best wishes
  • Good vid! 
  • I don't know why I like these kinds of videos, but I do.
  • Nice ride Nigel, enjoyed that!


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