Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Feedback from Observation on Instructional ability Blue Light Emergency Training - Youtube

Some feedback from Youtube by viewers who have commented on my instructional approach to the training.....THANK YOU.... Here is what some have said:
  • I personaly think you are one hell of an informative instructor and your area knowledge is second to none, knowing about the blind junction etc etc,,,well done ym friend keep the videos coming,,,they are of decent length and also high quality
  • @mortgagewizard40 - Many thanks for the feedback
  • The guy in the passenger seat is a natural teacher.
    I would love to have him train me to drive like that.
    When doing my HGV course,the instructor was a nasty,foul mouthed Welshman,I never felt at ease with him.Possibly the reason I failed my first two attempts,I switched instructor,who was a nice,calm bloke like the fellow here,and I passed.
    Just goes to show that a calm,authoritative figure can, like the guy here, instill so much confidence in a trainee.
    Thanks for posting.
  • @robert140602 - Thanks for the feedback, I always try and develop a good working relationship, the clients tend to learn more and you get to know your clients better.
    What a Pleasure to watch & a great teacher, You are so calm Sir, its great we have People like you teaching top skills like this & keeping our British roads Safe I take my Hat off to You :o) & Top driving to the Driver too ;o)
    • I love this instructor !! If only they were all this polite. I remember mine, he was a bit of an ogre.., aragant, ignorant and a bit scary, didnt put me at ease at all and i never understood why.. after all, the difference between polite and police is just one letter !! Great video..
    • @MrMoby716 - Thanks for the feedback. I always try and put my students at ease. Learning has to be fun and you must always leave the student wanting more. When ever I am out it is a learning environment for me as well. You never stop learning.
    • Nice video but why is the driver not doing a full commentary as in most police advance driver training? 
    • @D1MCV - Thanks for the feedback.... This was a Blue Light Training course for Community First Responders - Not Police advanced.
    • @advancedbiker Thanks.That explains a lot. I remember my police advanced driving course and the instructor was NEVER that polite lol
    • @D1MCV - Thanks, I try to have a 'chilled' atmosphere in the car. Whenever I go out training, I always enjoy it, as I still get a buzz from it, but if I can pick up anything alongthe way, I will use it. You find never stop learning.
    • @advancedbiker You're right, you NEVER stop learning. I'm from Scotland and I don't think we have blue light drivers other than emergency services, however, should this driver continue to drive like this I'd happily sit beside him/her. Good job.
    • @D1MCV - Thanks I will let then know...

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