Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking at overtaking with advancedbiker with pictures and Youtube

During a recent rider assessment course we had a discussion about overtaking.The main ingredient after SAFETY being forward observation and planning, remembering the rules for overtaking:
Judgements must be made in which experience plays a great part and must include an assessment of the speed of vehicles concerned and distances involved, such as :
 1. Speed of vehicles to be overtaken.

2. Speed and performance of own machine.

3. Speed of approaching vehicle(s) in view.

4. Possible high speed of vehicles as yet unseen
5. Distance available to overtake and regain near-side relative to 1 to 4 above

 Planning for overtakes
1. Never cause the overtaken or approaching vehicle to alter course or speed.

2. Avoid making a third line of vehicles abreast, either travelling in the same or opposite direction.

3. Always be able to move back into the near-side in plenty of time.

Do you ever consider going over to the other side of the road IF SAFE to have a look.  NOT commenicng the overtake.  Your view greatly improves and if the overtake is on PLAN for the gap you want to go for.  AND the motorcycle is upright when you increase the power to commence the overtake

Overtake is on, just  the one

Another example of getting your view first, but in this case we are just leaving a roundbout and have the speed advantage of the heavy goods vehicle.  So why not use the power.

When following a vehicle the view is not always to the right.  On a left hand bend there is often a view whoch develops alongthe left - nearside, between the hedge row and the side of the vehicle.

Overtake - eventually made.
Let us now have a look the video:

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