Sunday, October 23, 2011

Youtube Feedback - Positioning by Numbers, Encouraging rider to move in carriageway IF SAFE

  • Some feedback from a recent video clip on Youtube: Well done Sue,,

    Hi, Great vid, i can see the logic of haveing 5 tracks rather than 3 which is what I have been using, will now try the 5 tracks. Its will smoothe out the conering and should be less braking. Brilliant!
  • @3213089 Thanks for the feedback, let me know how you get on with the 5 'system'
  • @advancedbiker had a go on the way back from work last night while on nights, mad a real difference even in the dark, I was able to set myself up better for the corner, so there was less braking and I had a smoother roll into the corner and better positioning on the exit. now all I have to do work on this so it becomes habit. Thanks
  • @3213089 Well done = Keep me posted...Are you happy with gear selection and balance of the throttle?
  • @advancedbiker Yeah, been using this for a bit now, just makes the ride, gear change and throttle control so much smoother and relaxing. With the correct road position gives me the safest line in and out of the corner also the best view for any on coming problems! Brilliant.

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