Friday, October 28, 2011

Talk at Staffordshire Advanced Riders - Rospa Group

Feedback from a talk I did yesterday at the Staffordshire Advanced Riders'

Hi Folks
First of all may I thank Nigel for giving up his time, coming along and giving us talk and presentation which was informative and entertaining. I`d also like to thanks him for the goodie bags and for the donation he made to Walton Hall School which you will not have known about.

It was a great evening with all the usual banter and slurs being thrown around but nothing being meant by it unless it was directed at Mole, Phil, Me, Edward... and it was an even bigger shame that Dave Hall couldn't make it because of emergency in pub kitchen leaving water flowing everywhere. The real reason why he was missed is because he had the biscuits!

Thanks one and all for supporting the club and wanting to learn more, we never finish doing that.
See you at the next ride out which Phil Hems has volunteered to lead.


Jon Cook.

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