Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ride out from rider who went to Wales with Advancedbiker 28.9.2011

Hi Nigel,
          I've just woken up. Thank you so much for a truely fantastic day
out in Wales (200 miles?) the weather was with us and I learned a lot from your
superb tuition. You clearly have the teaching skills to bring people on to a
higher standard of riding, whilst also offering constructive advice and
personal demonstration of very best practice.

 You demand high standards whilst having the ability to work from the level the
rider is already at. As I said in our conversation, you quickly become a
critical friend and this, in my opinion, provides the basis for getting the
best from each individual person. Encouragement goes a long way in inspiring

I shall always remember the ride out and the RosPa test we did last week as I
now feel a much safer and acomplished rider.

Anyone considering improving their biking skills  would really benefit from
your vast experience.

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