Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feedback from recent RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test

Hi Nigel

I would just like to say how impressed i am. From my first contact with you to arrange a test date although nervous about the test,
you had me feeling more at ease about it. I then looked at your web site which i found brilliant & very informative, a great insight
to being a safer rider & a better understanding of the five stages of  THE SYSTEM.
Your comments during the test & afterwards at the debrief were well founded & put in such a way they came across as a positve not a negative. I would therefore have no hesitation in passing on your details to anyone who needed or wanted to improve there riding skills.
Since having spent 2 days with bikesafe assesment, moving on to advance rider training, i now enjoy motorcycling more than i thought
i ever would & look forward to much more.

Many Thanks
Eric McConnell