Saturday, June 25, 2011

Advancedbiker is observed and he passes - Gold Rospa standard

I had a very strange experience yesterday when I  was out advanced motorcycle training.  I was with a mate who was preparing for his Senior Tutor test for RoSPA and we were assessing his riding and assessment skills.  As part of that assessment I would do some demo rides, throwing in various bad habits to see if he got them and after brought them up in the debrief. Well I tried to do a faultless GOLD ride for him, talk about a bit of pressure.  I never usually ride in front as I am always following someone and after one hour we stopped and he gave me a GOLD pass, HOWEVER......  He did raise some issues with my riding which I do and on reflection wonder why I do them now:

Doing a shoulder check to my left after an overtake ! ALWAYS DONE IT - But do I need to do it now if I now whats behind me, I know where the vehicle is I have just overtaken.  Spatial awareness.



Nikos said...

..unless the the vehicle that you have just overtaken is a Focus ST !

Advanced Biker said...

The chap I was coaching passed his RoSpa Senior Tutors test today.......Well Done Dave, looking forward to the Normandy trip in April 2012