Saturday, May 07, 2011

Advanced Motorycle Training Workshop Normandy - Part 2 - The training begins

Well after a restless night, I had a man cough and was coughing for the world, it was up for 8am and get ready for famous, or infamous NormandyBeech breakfast.  Starting with your normal cereals and tea, coffee, juice it is time for the full english.......
Breakfast done and time set for departure - 0930 hrs, with all the riders ready for the off.  Who had I got with  me, well Dave, my other instructor, who is a RoSPA Gold and senior observer at a local group, two riders who had just passed the IAM test, and two other riders who is RoSPA Gold and IAM.  That just leaves one rider who was in he process of training for his RoSPA test.  Well had bike to bike radio comms, using Autocom and Icom and Kenwood radios.  I was on one channel and Dave on another.  With the number of riders Dave was going to take 3 leaving me with 2, however there is a twist to this training day....
A couple of weeks earlier I had been contacted by Ron Young, who's mate Roy was an avid Youtube watcher and had seen my video clips.  They both lived in Normandy.  Things developed and I arranged to take Ron and Roy out when we got to Normandy, but Roy was unable to make it.  This left Ron, so first port of call was his bed and breakfast La Tringale, Le Hameau de Baynes, Ste Marguerte d'Elle, 14330 :  La Tringale, Your hosts Ron and Bunty
We arrived at Ron and Bunty's place and was met with biscuits and tea.  Talk about a small world, we met a party of motorcyclists who were just leaving and they were from Staffordshire.  In fact I had given a talk to them at the local IAM group and Dave was in the process of preparing three of them for the RoSPA test.
Well back to business, met Ron for the first time who was on a Honda 700 Deauville and he was given a radio set for his day out with us.  As I said earlier, this weekend was a workshop and one of the riders wanted to do commentary whilst out with a relative newcomer - Ron.  So Ron was given Brian as his instructor, and I supervised the whole exercise.
We set off to explore the Normandy countryside, heading for Villedieu-les-Poeles for dinner.

Ron later emailed me when I got back home: -'Many thanks for the great day out on Friday. It was good to meet you and all the guys and I enjoyed the run, instruction and helpful tips and advice. I was pleased the weather was good but didn’t expect it to be that good!'

Second email read:
‘Having had a day-out with Nigel and his Normandy-Touring group, during the Easter weekend, I have to say it’s a very good, informative and helpful experience. There is a wealth of experience shared by Nigel and other the qualified advanced riders and they impart knowledge and advice to suit your individual needs. There is always something new to learn about biking and I learned much to enable me to be more aware and more fluent in riding techniques and thus stay safer whilst enjoying my hobby. Many thanks to you all for a great day and for organizing the extremely good weather too!!!’ Ron Young'

After dinner we headed for the D911, before going to Vire for a tea stop.  A great day was had by all.


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