Thursday, March 31, 2011

Renewing your motorcycle insurance - It pays to shop around.

Well it was a good job I was sitting down today when the insurance renewal came through for the motorcycle fleet, well the BMW R1200GS i use and the BmwR90S and Honda ST70 Dax in the garage as classics.

The renewal quote was £419.37 an increase of 48.5% on last year - This was claimed by Carole Nash as the most competitive quote.  I don't think so.

Wel  onto the internet and the compare sites and I came across CIA: and whilst I was filing the quote on line, they phoned me and I spoke to Ed.  I never like these type of calls, but he was not 'pushy' so we went through the figures etc.  Well by splitting the bikes on the insurance policy, although I was paying a bit more excess on the R1200GS it came in at £201.12 with protected no claims.  The classic motorcycles came back as £115.00, agreed value with £50.00 excess.  So that was a saving of  £103.00.

That you Ed from CIA Motorcycle Insurance


Unknown said...

Hi Nigel ,some Photo of the little ST70 would be cool .They are rare and very appreciated here .Its a question of time to get something similar .. ;))

Javier .

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