Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How was Advancedbiker trained for Advanced Motorcycle Instruction ?

Well I started riding when I was about 12 years of age on a farm, on an old Francis Barnet motorcycle and had to wait 4 years before I could ride on the road.  Then it was time to purchase my first road machine, a Honda SS50 Moped, I had for a year before training upto a Suzuki TS100 Trail Motorcycle in 1975.  I passed my motorcycle test when I was 17 yearsof age in 1975.  Then it was onto a Yamaha RD400, before my trusty Honda CX500.  In the meantime, in March 1977 I joined the Police Service, with an ambition to become a Traffic Officer. So in 1978 I went onto my first Police motorcycle course, 3 weeks riding a CZ 250.....I passed the course and in 1979 joined Traffic with my car qualifications as an advanced car driver.  I pursued my passion for motorcycles and did an intermediate cousre, 3 weeks again, this time on Bmw R80's, but sticking to speed limits.  Passed that course, so went onto the Advanced course, another 3 weeks on the BMW's, this time no speed limits to adhere to outside the towns.  This was in the 1980's before speed cameras and Health and Safety..  Well passed that course as a Grade One Police Advanced Motorcyclist and went on patrol as a Polcie Traffic Motorcyclist.  An opportunity arose and I was fortunate to to do a 6 week Advanced Motorycle Instructors course, which I passed.
That is me - 15 weeks of Police training over a period of 10 years, supplemented with 17 weeks of car courses, the last one being an Advanced Car Instructors Course.
Almost forgot, the voluntary motorcycle training I started in 1978 which eventually turned into a business venture in 2002.

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Geoff James said...

Great to find your blog and hope to learn a lot as I'm just starting the long journey of becoming an IAM Observer in NZ if I'm good enough. Passionate about driving standards (recent example: http://geoffjames.blogspot.com/2011/01/speed-doesnt-kill-stupidity-kills.html).

Thanks for the opportunity to read some seriously good material.