Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fitting a Remus Header - Exhaust down pipes to a BMW R1200GS

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine sent me some photographs of an exhaust system he had bought and fitted to his BMW R1200GS.  He had replaced the OEM and done away with the 'Cat'. Well he got me thinking and you guessed it searching on the interner - E Bay started.  I only wanted to replace the headers (Down pipes) and was very tempted towards a product made by Remus.  New were around £370.00, so when this one appeared on the UKGSER forum for £156.00 a deal was done.

All I need was to order some head gaskets and they arrived within 24 hrs from Motorworks and then it was on the some more forums to see how I could remove the Lambda sensors.  Some said twist the wires and others said they were screwed on......

The Remus headers arrived and my friend wanted some photographs of it fitted, having been communicatining together on Facebook.  Well I decided to do a blog instead, so here goes:

I am very lucky as I fitted a hydraulic hand operated work bench in my garage and when not in use it is sunk into the floor.

First things first, check all the bits are all there, brackets etc.... and then make sure exhaust is cold.

Time for the tools, well not that many really:
Small screwdriver to release the Lambda sensors
The Torx style socket set for the silencer and removal of the bash plate
22mm spanner for the Lambda sensors
10 mm spanner for the bracket on the left hand pipe to secure to header
Sockets - 12mm, 13mm and 14mm
Allen key for bracket under engine - not shown

Right ready to  start and first remove the exhaust silencer :

Can be a be fiddly but with a bit of twisting and pulling, it does come off.  Remember to keep the BMW bracket.

The BMW is equipped with two Lambda sensors and the connections are a bit fiddly. However they clip together in the small plastic holder which you slide towards the rear of the BMW .... With the small screwdriver ease the plastic connector and the whole thing comes apart.
Next take 22mm spanner and remover sensor.  Repeat on other side.
Picture shows one plug disconnected.

Having removed the sensors loosen the bracket under the rear of the engine, so the exhaust will pull forward but not drop when you release the exhaust:
With the exhaust pulled forward and you have the weight, the bracket under the engine can be removed and exhaust taken off.  Here is a comparison of the two:
Remus header in the foreground.

Next step is to offer the Remus Header up to the engine, having removed the left hand pipe, which is held in place with a bracket.  Fit new exhaust gaskets.

With the right hand pipe loose fitted and the weight of the exhaust been taken up with the bracket hanger under the engine, offer up the left hand pipe.

With the left hand pipe in place, loose fit the exhaust.  With everything lined up tighten up everything.  Then refit the Lambda sensors.  The left hand one was easy to fit, but with the Remus header I have, the sensors are further forward so on the right side a few problems.  Found the answer - the oblong plastic connector is only a spacer, and the sensor plugs push in from both ends.  So for the right side, fit the connector first under the cylinder head and the push in the sensor plugs after.  On newer Remus headers the position for the sensors are in the OEM position.

Fitted and time to start the engine up and check for leaks......None found......Will see how it performs the road:

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