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Merry Christmas from Advancedbiker


IN 2012

Thank you you for all your support,makes it all worthwhile.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advanced Bend Assessment with pictures and video from Advancedbiker

One of the issues I have when out advanced training and advanced testing with motorcycles is bend assessment.  All credit to the riders, they know the principles of 'ROADCRAFT' and yes they position for the bends - BUT - What do you do when you have got your view?
Lets have a look at a series of stills taken form a video of the A519 from Woodseaves in Staffordshire towards Newport in Shropshire.
Cornering is a hazardous manoeuvre, but is a necessary one because of our road systems. Too many riders the art of cornering is one area where they have the greatest problem.  The principles of
cornering need to be explained first. You must always remember that each rider has his or her own limit and this must never be exceeded. You know the temptation, ‘If my mate can get round the bend, I can’.
Always remember:
  •  GO IN SLOW,
Once you have mastered this the FEEL GOOD FACTOR IS GREAT !

 I will try and explain the principles of cornering in plain English, so here goes..............
A motorcycle is most stable when it is travelling upright, in a straight line at a constant speed. To alter its direction i.e. in this case in order to go around a bend a directional force is applied. In otherwords you turn the handlebars. When you do this the grip on the front wheel increases and the speed of the motorcycle reduces slightly. To get around the bend you lean either left or right to maintain the stability of the motorcycle.
Remember that if you brake or accelerate when in a bend you lesson the grip on the tyres. If the grip on the tyres is lessened then the motorcycle will want to go straight. In otherwords on a left-hand bend it tends to drift towards the offside on the road and into the face of oncoming traffic. On right hand bends towards the kerb or hedge. I am sure we have all experienced this during our riding and have never known why this happens.
In order to maintain control, stability and clean underwear after CORNERING the following factors and measures can be applied.


 You must consider the following when you approach any bend :-
A) Speed of motorcycle on approach
B) Gear of motorcycle
C) Traffic on road, ahead as well as behind
D) View into and out of bend
E) Application of the ‘System’
F) Can the limit point be seen?

On entering the bend you must be able to maintain the stability of the motorcycle, that is maintaining
control. To do this you must assess the curvature of the bend and maintain a constant speed. The engine
should be just pulling to compensate for the slight reduction in speed caused by the bending force. Look for
the limit point and as it goes away from you apply more power, if it is save to do so. You must always be able
to stop in the distance you see to be clear.
The secret of safe bending is:
  • Technique,
  • Observation,
  • System,
  • Control and
  • Good assessment of a safe bending speed, which is within your own limits.

NO ISSUES with this one, the rider is out towards the centre of the road - Position 5 - no oncoming vehicles, NO DANGERS.  Goods view over the hedgerows as the road appears to go right after the bend he is about to commit to.  So with forward planning why not PLAN for the right as you enter the left.

In position for th right hand bend - No nearside DANGERS

The right hand bend leads onto a short striaght and then what appears to be a left.  Have a look at the tree line in the distance.

Yes road goes left

Moving on - Still good postioning, good speed, IN CONTROL and now looking for information .... Road looks like it is going right in the distance - Tree Line

Yes it does

Could be going left after if the tree line to the right is correct

Yes it does

Rider staying on line too long.  He had his view.  Look where my motorcycle is in relation to his

Lets us have alook at the video.....
Towards the end we look at uising a numbering system to get the rider to plan his ride better

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feedback from Facebook user who watches my vids on Youtube

hello mate i been following your vids on you tube for ages now ,,ive only had my full licence for two years and ive found your vids to be really helpfull,,its really helped me with my road positioning, throttle control,observation,in fact all aspects of my riding,,just thought i would say thanks and keep up the good work

Dave Weaver November 2011

Looking at overtaking with advancedbiker with pictures and Youtube

During a recent rider assessment course we had a discussion about overtaking.The main ingredient after SAFETY being forward observation and planning, remembering the rules for overtaking:
Judgements must be made in which experience plays a great part and must include an assessment of the speed of vehicles concerned and distances involved, such as :
 1. Speed of vehicles to be overtaken.

2. Speed and performance of own machine.

3. Speed of approaching vehicle(s) in view.

4. Possible high speed of vehicles as yet unseen
5. Distance available to overtake and regain near-side relative to 1 to 4 above

 Planning for overtakes
1. Never cause the overtaken or approaching vehicle to alter course or speed.

2. Avoid making a third line of vehicles abreast, either travelling in the same or opposite direction.

3. Always be able to move back into the near-side in plenty of time.

Do you ever consider going over to the other side of the road IF SAFE to have a look.  NOT commenicng the overtake.  Your view greatly improves and if the overtake is on PLAN for the gap you want to go for.  AND the motorcycle is upright when you increase the power to commence the overtake

Overtake is on, just  the one

Another example of getting your view first, but in this case we are just leaving a roundbout and have the speed advantage of the heavy goods vehicle.  So why not use the power.

When following a vehicle the view is not always to the right.  On a left hand bend there is often a view whoch develops alongthe left - nearside, between the hedge row and the side of the vehicle.

Overtake - eventually made.
Let us now have a look the video:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adding Remus Power Cone to Remus Headers BMW R1200GS

Way back in March 2011 I replaced the original headers on my 2008 BMW R1200GS, well I can that bit extra and bought a second hand exhaust - A Remus Powercone.

Remus much smaller alighter than the original

Fitted - Easy job

Does look a different motorcycle and it sounds very nice, even with the baffle fitted


Saturday, October 29, 2011

IAM New Zealand training process - feedback from Geoff

Hi Nigel,
You recently asked me to keep you up to date with IAM NZ training progress.

I sat my check ride on Thursday (the pre-full membership test)under the eagle eyes of the Chief Examiner and passed!

Write-up is here:Write up from Geoff .

As always, thanks so much for the long-distance support in the shape of your videos which are incredibly good value.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Talk at Staffordshire Advanced Riders - Rospa Group

Feedback from a talk I did yesterday at the Staffordshire Advanced Riders'

Hi Folks
First of all may I thank Nigel for giving up his time, coming along and giving us talk and presentation which was informative and entertaining. I`d also like to thanks him for the goodie bags and for the donation he made to Walton Hall School which you will not have known about.

It was a great evening with all the usual banter and slurs being thrown around but nothing being meant by it unless it was directed at Mole, Phil, Me, Edward... and it was an even bigger shame that Dave Hall couldn't make it because of emergency in pub kitchen leaving water flowing everywhere. The real reason why he was missed is because he had the biscuits!

Thanks one and all for supporting the club and wanting to learn more, we never finish doing that.
See you at the next ride out which Phil Hems has volunteered to lead.


Jon Cook.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Youtube Feedback - Positioning by Numbers, Encouraging rider to move in carriageway IF SAFE

  • Some feedback from a recent video clip on Youtube: Well done Sue,,

    Hi, Great vid, i can see the logic of haveing 5 tracks rather than 3 which is what I have been using, will now try the 5 tracks. Its will smoothe out the conering and should be less braking. Brilliant!
  • @3213089 Thanks for the feedback, let me know how you get on with the 5 'system'
  • @advancedbiker had a go on the way back from work last night while on nights, mad a real difference even in the dark, I was able to set myself up better for the corner, so there was less braking and I had a smoother roll into the corner and better positioning on the exit. now all I have to do work on this so it becomes habit. Thanks
  • @3213089 Well done = Keep me posted...Are you happy with gear selection and balance of the throttle?
  • @advancedbiker Yeah, been using this for a bit now, just makes the ride, gear change and throttle control so much smoother and relaxing. With the correct road position gives me the safest line in and out of the corner also the best view for any on coming problems! Brilliant.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Graded Ride out with local RoSPA group - Staffordshire Advanced Riders

Graded Ride out with local RoSPA group - Staffordshire Advanced Riders -

Here is the ride report from Mole:
'Hi All, it has fallen to me to report on the GRD from last Sunday (16th) so here with a short note to report on the ride.
One word adequately describes the day EXCELLENT! top notch roads, top notch scenery (when going slow enough to see it all!) and a top notch group.
Well done Chairman John on leading us through some of the best riding roads in Wales and nice to see such a good turn out for the last GRD of the season.
Nine riders rode out from Eccy fire station on what looked like it might be a wet one but apart from some light precipitation in the odd spot it remained dry.
The nine included a surprise but welcome appearance of Nigel Bowers our friendly local ROSPA examiner who came along for the ride. Good to see you Nigel and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
We headed out and after a brief period on the boring stuff to get us round the other side of Telford the fun started and didn’t stop till we got home some 240 miles later.
Our route took us via Much Wenlock, Craven Arms, Clun, Newtown , Machynlleth (for lunch), Llangollen, whitchurch and then home.
As you can imagine with JC leading the route did not stick to the A roads and many "off the beaten track" B roads where taken to maximize the enjoyment.
A brilliant day was had by all. To top it all we even learnt a thing or two like the benefits of "radio assisted overtaking" now that does add a whole new dimension!!!!
Thanks again to one and all and I for one can not wait till the next one, get those radios charged JC!
To end just a reminder - we have our second club talk by Nigel at the fire station coming up on Thursday 27th of October, meet at 19.00hr kick off at 19.30 sharp.
Cheers all.

I am in Motorcycle News 19.10.2011

You can see me in Motorcycle News, out Wednesday 19th October 2011 following a one day assessment course I did with Alison Silcox in the Peak District.

Thanks Alison, Great article:
Motorcycle News Article

And caught her on camera as well

Friday, September 30, 2011

Feedback from Youtube viewer - Limit Point of Observation

Excellent video, Nigel!! :-) I am doing a motorcycle course for the emergency services at present. The instructor kept going on about "limit points" on bends and I hadn't a clue what he was talking about...So it confused me and nearly caused me to collide with a tanker on a bend. It was only after watching your vid on limit points did I realise what he was talking about. Thanks for that Nigel! All your vids are a great help to me at the moment. Great instruction and excellent explanations too.

Using numbers to help with Advanced Positioning

Hi, Great vid, i can see the logic of haveing 5 tracks rather than 3 which is what I have been using, will now try the 5 tracks. Its will smoothe out the conering and should be less braking. Brilliant!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ride out from rider who went to Wales with Advancedbiker 28.9.2011

Hi Nigel,
          I've just woken up. Thank you so much for a truely fantastic day
out in Wales (200 miles?) the weather was with us and I learned a lot from your
superb tuition. You clearly have the teaching skills to bring people on to a
higher standard of riding, whilst also offering constructive advice and
personal demonstration of very best practice.

 You demand high standards whilst having the ability to work from the level the
rider is already at. As I said in our conversation, you quickly become a
critical friend and this, in my opinion, provides the basis for getting the
best from each individual person. Encouragement goes a long way in inspiring

I shall always remember the ride out and the RosPa test we did last week as I
now feel a much safer and acomplished rider.

Anyone considering improving their biking skills  would really benefit from
your vast experience.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feedback from Youtube viewer

Hi Nigel. Brilliant video! I lacked confidence too on the bends. That was until i watched ur video. Now i can take bends easily coz of it. Excellent instruction and a joy to watch all ur videos. Thanks for coming up with the idea. One thing i notice is that you never lose your cool with ur students...well done! And u praise them when they do something right. Are u a police instructor by any chance? Brilliant videos, Nigel!!! :-)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Advancedbiker Youtube clips now on Televison - Virgin Media Tivo

I have just updated my Virgin Media top set box and now have a Tivo Box installed.  I can watch amongst other things Youtube Clips.  Great viewing some of the footage on a big screen.  Not bad quaility either.  Do you have them same or similar set up ?

Monday, September 05, 2011

Road Positioning Advanced way and DSA way

There are standards and requirements.  There is a big difference between the DSA, Driving Standards Agency and the way you ride your motorcycle -

Youtube Clip

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feedback from recent RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test

Hi Nigel

I would just like to say how impressed i am. From my first contact with you to arrange a test date although nervous about the test,
you had me feeling more at ease about it. I then looked at your web site which i found brilliant & very informative, a great insight
to being a safer rider & a better understanding of the five stages of  THE SYSTEM.
Your comments during the test & afterwards at the debrief were well founded & put in such a way they came across as a positve not a negative. I would therefore have no hesitation in passing on your details to anyone who needed or wanted to improve there riding skills.
Since having spent 2 days with bikesafe assesment, moving on to advance rider training, i now enjoy motorcycling more than i thought
i ever would & look forward to much more.

Many Thanks
Eric McConnell

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am in Motorcycle News - Wednesday 27th July 2011

I have been mentioned in Motorycle News, Wednesday 27th July 2011, page 41 in the Bike shop Long Term Fleet section.  Alison Silcox who rides a Ducati Monster 695 mentioned booking a day with me to 'revist some of the techniques from previous training and to refresh her confidence.  We did book a day, Friday 22nd July 2011 in the Peak District.  Just in the process of producing the DVD.

Thanks Alison

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feedback from Triumph Rocket 3 rider 23.7.2011

Awesome day today, Nigel! Many thanks!! Definitely reckon I'll be a bit safer, and a bit quicker! Really buzzing!! Just given the Rocket a bit of a clean to get rid of the dead stuff all over it! And the weather was even spot on...couldn't have asked for more! Look forward to seeing (and hearing!!!!) the DVD.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speeding - The limits

All UK forces abide by national guidelines regarding the speed thresholds for enforcement.

These figures are published by Hertfordshire Police, but certainly South Wales and other local forces comply with the same, even if they don't openly circulate the fact.

The threshold for all enforcement is 10% + 2mph. Then up to 10% + 9mph gets you a National Speed Awareness Course. Up to 10% + 21mph means a Fixed Penalty Notice (or RIDE where available).  10% + 22mph and over earns you a trip to the magistrates (Report For Summons).

30mph limit >> 35 - 42 = NSAC, 43 - 54 = FPN, 55+ = RFS
40mph limit >> 46 - 53 = NSAC, 54 - 64 = FPN, 65+ = RFS
50mph limit >> 57 - 64 = NSAC, 65 - 74 = FPN, 75+ = RFS
60mph limit >> 68 - 75 = NSAC, 76 - 84 = FPN, 85+ = RFS
70mph limit >> 79 - 86 = NSAC, 87 - 94 = FPN, 95+ = RFS

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feedback from video clips on Youtube

Your Channel

I'm a 42 year old rider from Cambs, I passed my full test two months ago. I manage to get out a couple of times a week to get some miles on the clock and try to build on what I have learned during my direct access course. I'm currently working through the Motorcycle Roadcraft manual and the videos that you have kindly taken the trouble to upload are a really useful visual resource to help with all the text i'm working through.

I just wanted to write a short note to say a big thank you.

Kind Regards


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Advancedbiker is observed and he passes - Gold Rospa standard

I had a very strange experience yesterday when I  was out advanced motorcycle training.  I was with a mate who was preparing for his Senior Tutor test for RoSPA and we were assessing his riding and assessment skills.  As part of that assessment I would do some demo rides, throwing in various bad habits to see if he got them and after brought them up in the debrief. Well I tried to do a faultless GOLD ride for him, talk about a bit of pressure.  I never usually ride in front as I am always following someone and after one hour we stopped and he gave me a GOLD pass, HOWEVER......  He did raise some issues with my riding which I do and on reflection wonder why I do them now:

Doing a shoulder check to my left after an overtake ! ALWAYS DONE IT - But do I need to do it now if I now whats behind me, I know where the vehicle is I have just overtaken.  Spatial awareness.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank you to all my Youtube Viewers from Advancedbiker

Many thanks to all the people who look at my Youtube clips, just passed 4 million views,
Videos Uploaded: 336
Video Views: 4,004,201
Favourites: 187
Channel Type:
Channel Views: 122,610
Subscribers: 2,527


Saturday, May 07, 2011

Advanced Motorycle Training Workshop Normandy - Part 2 - The training begins

Well after a restless night, I had a man cough and was coughing for the world, it was up for 8am and get ready for famous, or infamous NormandyBeech breakfast.  Starting with your normal cereals and tea, coffee, juice it is time for the full english.......
Breakfast done and time set for departure - 0930 hrs, with all the riders ready for the off.  Who had I got with  me, well Dave, my other instructor, who is a RoSPA Gold and senior observer at a local group, two riders who had just passed the IAM test, and two other riders who is RoSPA Gold and IAM.  That just leaves one rider who was in he process of training for his RoSPA test.  Well had bike to bike radio comms, using Autocom and Icom and Kenwood radios.  I was on one channel and Dave on another.  With the number of riders Dave was going to take 3 leaving me with 2, however there is a twist to this training day....
A couple of weeks earlier I had been contacted by Ron Young, who's mate Roy was an avid Youtube watcher and had seen my video clips.  They both lived in Normandy.  Things developed and I arranged to take Ron and Roy out when we got to Normandy, but Roy was unable to make it.  This left Ron, so first port of call was his bed and breakfast La Tringale, Le Hameau de Baynes, Ste Marguerte d'Elle, 14330 :  La Tringale, Your hosts Ron and Bunty
We arrived at Ron and Bunty's place and was met with biscuits and tea.  Talk about a small world, we met a party of motorcyclists who were just leaving and they were from Staffordshire.  In fact I had given a talk to them at the local IAM group and Dave was in the process of preparing three of them for the RoSPA test.
Well back to business, met Ron for the first time who was on a Honda 700 Deauville and he was given a radio set for his day out with us.  As I said earlier, this weekend was a workshop and one of the riders wanted to do commentary whilst out with a relative newcomer - Ron.  So Ron was given Brian as his instructor, and I supervised the whole exercise.
We set off to explore the Normandy countryside, heading for Villedieu-les-Poeles for dinner.

Ron later emailed me when I got back home: -'Many thanks for the great day out on Friday. It was good to meet you and all the guys and I enjoyed the run, instruction and helpful tips and advice. I was pleased the weather was good but didn’t expect it to be that good!'

Second email read:
‘Having had a day-out with Nigel and his Normandy-Touring group, during the Easter weekend, I have to say it’s a very good, informative and helpful experience. There is a wealth of experience shared by Nigel and other the qualified advanced riders and they impart knowledge and advice to suit your individual needs. There is always something new to learn about biking and I learned much to enable me to be more aware and more fluent in riding techniques and thus stay safer whilst enjoying my hobby. Many thanks to you all for a great day and for organizing the extremely good weather too!!!’ Ron Young'

After dinner we headed for the D911, before going to Vire for a tea stop.  A great day was had by all.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Our Advanced Motorcycle Training Workshop to Normandy April 2011 Part 1

Well all that planning way back in October 2010, booking the accommodation and ferry seems so far away now.  We have just returned from a very successful long weekend in Normandy France, having done the Advanced Training Weekend.  Here we are in April 2010....

 We were a group of 7 motorcyclists, which included myself as one instructor and my mate Dave as the other instructor.  Enroute to Portsmouth we picked up a rider from the West Midlands, Hereford and Tewkesbury.  The other two riders from Weymouth had caught an earlier ferry are we were meeting up with them at our bed and breakfast, later that evening.
We arrived in Cherbourg after an uneventful, smooth crossing at 1900 hours local time, so we were looking at getting to the bed and breakfast by 20.30hrs.  An easy ride, mostly dual carriageway, heading east to Arronmaches Les Bains and our hosts at Normandy Beech - Normandy Beech - Adrian, Karen and Adrienne
All the motorcycles parked in the secure yard for the night, time for a light snack and planning for the next day.  It was like a reunion as 3 of the riders had been on the Workshop in April 2010, but had come back, willing and wanting to learn more.
Part 2 to follow:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com supported by Fuchs Silkolene

Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com is proud to be associated with Fuchs Silkolene - Superior Motorcycle Oils.  Why not join the Fuchs Silkolene Club, it is FREE and get a special rate for a training course.

Friday, April 01, 2011

The motorcycle fleet

I have been asked for some pics of the motorcycle fleet, especially the Honda St70 Dax.  Well here she is, 1979 model with 1600 miles on the clock, yes 1600 miles:

The Fleet

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Renewing your motorcycle insurance - It pays to shop around.

Well it was a good job I was sitting down today when the insurance renewal came through for the motorcycle fleet, well the BMW R1200GS i use and the BmwR90S and Honda ST70 Dax in the garage as classics.

The renewal quote was £419.37 an increase of 48.5% on last year - This was claimed by Carole Nash as the most competitive quote.  I don't think so.

Wel  onto the internet and the compare sites and I came across CIA: and whilst I was filing the quote on line, they phoned me and I spoke to Ed.  I never like these type of calls, but he was not 'pushy' so we went through the figures etc.  Well by splitting the bikes on the insurance policy, although I was paying a bit more excess on the R1200GS it came in at £201.12 with protected no claims.  The classic motorcycles came back as £115.00, agreed value with £50.00 excess.  So that was a saving of  £103.00.

That you Ed from CIA Motorcycle Insurance

Feedback from rider who viewed Youtube Clip

paula4u has made a comment on Rider lack confidence on the bends:
Your video's are very informative, I try to go at my own pace, Its 18months ago I passed and hope to do advanced training this year.. I used to lack confidence on bends but now I go at the speed I feel my bike is safe. My life , My bike, My safety. I envy the go faster guys, but I only have one life.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fitting a Remus Header - Exhaust down pipes to a BMW R1200GS

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine sent me some photographs of an exhaust system he had bought and fitted to his BMW R1200GS.  He had replaced the OEM and done away with the 'Cat'. Well he got me thinking and you guessed it searching on the interner - E Bay started.  I only wanted to replace the headers (Down pipes) and was very tempted towards a product made by Remus.  New were around £370.00, so when this one appeared on the UKGSER forum for £156.00 a deal was done.

All I need was to order some head gaskets and they arrived within 24 hrs from Motorworks and then it was on the some more forums to see how I could remove the Lambda sensors.  Some said twist the wires and others said they were screwed on......

The Remus headers arrived and my friend wanted some photographs of it fitted, having been communicatining together on Facebook.  Well I decided to do a blog instead, so here goes:

I am very lucky as I fitted a hydraulic hand operated work bench in my garage and when not in use it is sunk into the floor.

First things first, check all the bits are all there, brackets etc.... and then make sure exhaust is cold.

Time for the tools, well not that many really:
Small screwdriver to release the Lambda sensors
The Torx style socket set for the silencer and removal of the bash plate
22mm spanner for the Lambda sensors
10 mm spanner for the bracket on the left hand pipe to secure to header
Sockets - 12mm, 13mm and 14mm
Allen key for bracket under engine - not shown

Right ready to  start and first remove the exhaust silencer :

Can be a be fiddly but with a bit of twisting and pulling, it does come off.  Remember to keep the BMW bracket.

The BMW is equipped with two Lambda sensors and the connections are a bit fiddly. However they clip together in the small plastic holder which you slide towards the rear of the BMW .... With the small screwdriver ease the plastic connector and the whole thing comes apart.
Next take 22mm spanner and remover sensor.  Repeat on other side.
Picture shows one plug disconnected.

Having removed the sensors loosen the bracket under the rear of the engine, so the exhaust will pull forward but not drop when you release the exhaust:
With the exhaust pulled forward and you have the weight, the bracket under the engine can be removed and exhaust taken off.  Here is a comparison of the two:
Remus header in the foreground.

Next step is to offer the Remus Header up to the engine, having removed the left hand pipe, which is held in place with a bracket.  Fit new exhaust gaskets.

With the right hand pipe loose fitted and the weight of the exhaust been taken up with the bracket hanger under the engine, offer up the left hand pipe.

With the left hand pipe in place, loose fit the exhaust.  With everything lined up tighten up everything.  Then refit the Lambda sensors.  The left hand one was easy to fit, but with the Remus header I have, the sensors are further forward so on the right side a few problems.  Found the answer - the oblong plastic connector is only a spacer, and the sensor plugs push in from both ends.  So for the right side, fit the connector first under the cylinder head and the push in the sensor plugs after.  On newer Remus headers the position for the sensors are in the OEM position.

Fitted and time to start the engine up and check for leaks......None found......Will see how it performs the road: