Friday, October 15, 2010

Hi & Thank You from a You Tube user of Advancedbiker

Hi & Thankyou
Hi Nigel,
I just thought I would take the time to say thankyou for all your Advanced motorcycling youtube videos. I am 36 years old and passed my motorcycle test 4 years ago now. I have watched every one of your youtube video's and taken everything you've said on board. I have just a few weeks ago join IAM and they were amazed that I was so good just from watching your footage.

I am due to do my mock test on Saturday and hopefully my test in a few weeks. I am then going to hopefully take further training to become an observer. Who knows, one day I may even meet up with you.and thankyou in person.

What you do, really does make a difference and probably save lifes. Keep up the good work.


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