Sunday, August 29, 2010

Staffordshire Police Crack down on Motorcyclists - Bank Holiday weekend

Staffordshire Police, alongside Staffordshire County Council will be running a campaign this bank holiday weekend, aimed at clamping down on reckless motorcycle users across the County.

During the 2nd Operation Octane in 2010, Police will be out in force in both marked and unmarked Police cars, alongside the Safety Camera vehicles aimed at catching those motorcyclist who pose a risk to themselves and other road users. Police will also be calling in their eye in the sky, to monitor the behaviour of Motorcyclists across the region.

HOWEVER I found this very interesting.......
The Rider In Black at August 26th, 2010 Replies.....

I presume that the Staffordshire Police,are using Section 163 of the Road Traffic Act under which the police can stop a mechanically propelled vehicle being driven on the road.

Interesting that a following a review of Section 163 a Royal Commission said that the “Infringement of a person’s liberty to go about his business should be allowed only on suspicion of his involvement in an offence.”

So perhaps Staffordshire Police would care to explain exactly what offence is committed by a biker riding at the relevant speed limit on a legal machine, being in Staffordshire perhaps!!

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