Sunday, August 29, 2010

Staffordshire Police Crack down on Motorcyclists - Bank Holiday weekend

Staffordshire Police, alongside Staffordshire County Council will be running a campaign this bank holiday weekend, aimed at clamping down on reckless motorcycle users across the County.

During the 2nd Operation Octane in 2010, Police will be out in force in both marked and unmarked Police cars, alongside the Safety Camera vehicles aimed at catching those motorcyclist who pose a risk to themselves and other road users. Police will also be calling in their eye in the sky, to monitor the behaviour of Motorcyclists across the region.

HOWEVER I found this very interesting.......
The Rider In Black at August 26th, 2010 Replies.....

I presume that the Staffordshire Police,are using Section 163 of the Road Traffic Act under which the police can stop a mechanically propelled vehicle being driven on the road.

Interesting that a following a review of Section 163 a Royal Commission said that the “Infringement of a person’s liberty to go about his business should be allowed only on suspicion of his involvement in an offence.”

So perhaps Staffordshire Police would care to explain exactly what offence is committed by a biker riding at the relevant speed limit on a legal machine, being in Staffordshire perhaps!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Warning to fellow Motorcycle Trainers - Possible SCAM

I have ignored it, be warned.

My name is John Brook From Uk.I want make a booking for my friends who
want to come bike riding in your country.

Number of guest 15.

Date of arrival 20th Nov 2010

Time round trip ride per day

Number of days 2 weeks
Number of bike 8

Payment credit card

Do get back to me if the dates are free and the total cost for the
programme i wait for your reply Best regards John Brooks address

109-113 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London,UK, SW7 5LR..

phone number +447031912723

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Filtering by motorcycle - Youtube - feedback

Filtering Motorcycle Youtube

Hello Nigel, hope you are well.

I had to email you after my experience yesterday evening.

I finished early yesterday and as it was so nice I decided to deliver a couple of invoices on my bike.
Traffic was quite busy on the way out but an hour later coming back it was stacked.
I was approaching a roundabout and could see the traffic so I moved into the outside lane slowly and then filtered around to the road I wanted.
Looking ahead the traffic was moving very slowly and then your most recent video started to play in my head.

So, keeping my distance, careful of traffic islands, oncoming traffic etc. I then talked myself through about 2 miles of filtering and it was brilliant.
Commentary helps me focus and this time I was confident I could do it. I did have 1 on coming car that sounded his horn but as I was a good distance away I didn't see the problem and nobody else had a problem with what I was doing.
I didn't actually stop until the next traffic lights and I was so pleased with myself to do it which is thanks to your video.

What made me laugh was a small motorbike behind me because at first he looked uncertain, but with a GS cutting through he had more than enough room and he acknowledged me at the lights when we stopped.

That was an excellent experience and if it wasn't for seeing your video I certainly wouldn't have filtered like that yesterday. I would have moved on a bit, then stop if I wasn't sure about a gap or other traffic. Yesterday I was in control and as I was moving about 10 -15 mph I could stop easily if required but I felt comfortable and controlled.

Appologies for such a long email but that was such a great experience for me as I'd never done it that extent before and I'm still excited now.
If you ever wanted proof as to whether your videos have any impression on people then this is it!!

Keep up the good work in helping us novices to feel more confident and safer.

All the best

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advancedbiker and Bikerz Racing - New Web Site

Just saying a big thanks to Jim Mayer and all his staff for an excellent service. New tyres ordered, fitted - No complaints

Why not see what he can do for you and visit him at: BIKERZ Racing
Unit 2, Oldham Street, Joiners Square Ind. Estate, Hanley,Stoke on Trent, ST1 3EY,
Telephone: 01782 272036

Bikerz is North Staffordshires' Premier Tyre & Performance Centre. Offering a full Ride in - Ride out Tyre fitting service along with Servicing & Repairs to ALL makes & models, from a scooter to a full on championship winning Superbike.
They don't just do Tyres, Tuning & Performance though! What ever your need, a new alarm fitting, chain & sprockets, brake pads, replacement exhaust or even bodywork and paintwork, to engine building and prototype engineering, they do it all, and they do it well!

New Website - Check it out:

Bikerz Racing New Web site