Thursday, April 01, 2010

The new motorcycle test response from DSA Newsletter

On Tuesday 23 March, the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee published the report on its inquiry into the implementation of the new motorcycle test.
Motorcycle fatalities have fallen by almost 30 per cent since 2003 but we are
determined to continue working with the industry to improve safety and raise
riding standards.
We welcome the committee’s support for our decision to make the motorcycle test more
robust and their acknowledgement that this is likely to improve
road safety.
The new multi-purpose test centres provide motorcycle and driving test candidates with safe,spacious and modern testing facilities, replacing older, less well equipped
centres. We have worked hard to find suitable sites and 88 per cent of the
population now live within 45 minutes or 20 miles of a module 1 motorcycle
test centre.
We thank the committee for its report and will respond fully to all its
recommendations in due course.