Thursday, March 25, 2010

Selling my Honda VFR 800 Is it sold ?

The Honda VFR 800 is for sale and adverised in MotorcycleNews - The Web Site. A couple of interesting emails, one of which I respondde to and got this reply:
"Thank you for your prompt and timely response.I am very glad indeed to receive your mail.I am really impressed and thrilled with your email regarding the status of the bike,the present condition of it and which i hope had acknowledge in the email.Infact,i really get fascinated with the bike and will be willing to move ahead with the purchase.I will have every defects of the bike repaired if necessary replaced before use and which i hope will not cost me a lot of money.I really appreciate to hearing that The bike is in a good shape and hope the engine being in a perfect condition and mechanically sound.I will be eager to move ahead with the purchase being the fact that the condition of the bike is satisfactory.I will be willing to conclude the purchase as soon as possible.I will not be able to come for the inspection myself as i am presently out of my country on a business obligation.I came accross the advert while surfing the internet and get fascinated with the bike .Anyway concerning the payment & pick up.I will have to consult my shipper who will be responsible for the pick up of the bike .I will mail you the cheque of £4,500.I will buy the bike because i don't want you to sell the bike for another buyer, so you will deducted the cost of the bike out of the money and transfer the excess funds on the cheque to the shipping company who will come for the pick up at your location.I will kindly want you to provide me with the following information to issue the payment:
Full name which will be on the cheque:
Full Mailing address with poster code:
Contact Phone number:
I will be looking forward to hearing from you asap.Thank you for your kind gesture.
Mrs Parker"

Is it a con .......?


Peter Smithson said...

Classic con - I had that when I advertised in MCN.

They send you a cheque for an amount which is higher than the asking price. You have to send a cheque for the excess back to them. The cheque they sent you appears to have cleared but in fact - it can take a long time for a cheque to bounce. Then the bank sucks the money back out of your account and your down a few grand.

It's so obviously a con - the person offers the asking price for a bike - doesn't look at it and doesn't live in the UK!

Hope you sell it.

Byeway said...

O yes, it is indeed a classic scam! Too bad there's no (easy) way to reverse the scam and get back to the perpetrator!