Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feedback from Youtube viewers

Fantastic work this year Nigel. Your videos are a real privilege to have here on Youtube. From your bike videos to your blue light runs you have something for everyone! Keep up the fantastic work for the coming year and I wish you and the family all the best. Regards, Danny.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Advanced Motorcycle Training better than experience ?

A new study using a motorcycle simulator has found advanced safety training may be better than the school of life when it comes to handling emergency situations on the road.

Using a Triumph Daytona 675 motorcycle mounted on a custom rig designed and built at the University Nottingham’s Centre for Motorcycle Ergonomics & Rider Human Factors in England, three groups of riders were studied.

The aim of the research was to investigate the attitudes, behaviors and skills of different types of riders according to their level of experience and training with simulation software projecting different riding scenarios onto a large screen in front of the rider.

The groups; novice, experienced and those who had taken advanced motorcycle training. The three groups of riders were put through identical scenarios on the simulator as well as other tasks in the laboratory to test aspects of their hazard perception and behavior.

“This is one of the most in-depth studies of its kind ever conducted,” Dr. Alex Stedmon from the Human Factors Research Group, said, “It’s been a fantastic opportunity for us in the Faculty of Engineering to work alongside colleagues in the School of Psychology focusing on high impact research with a relevance to all motorcyclists.”

The findings showed that experience on its own does not necessarily make riders safer on the road and in some cases the experienced riders behaved more like the novice riders.

Those riders who had taken advanced motorcycle safety training however used better road positioning to anticipate and respond to hazards, kept to urban speed limits, and actually made better progress through bends than the other groups of novice and experienced bikers.

“Whilst experience seems to help develop rider skills to an extent, advanced training appears to develop deeper levels of awareness, perception and responsibility,” Dr. Alex Stedmon noted, “It also appears to make riders better urban riders and quicker, smoother and safer riders in rural settings.”

The full findings of the study are expected to be released later in December.

“This is real cutting edge research and the hazard perception results, in particular, have shown that advanced riders were quicker to identify hazards and had a greater awareness on their responsibility to themselves and other road users,” Dr. David Crundall from the School of Psychology added.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Paper on speed limits and road safety in Europe

Speed Monitor 8

The eight edition of the Speed Monitor has brings you speed management news from across the EU and its Member States.

In terms of EU policy, speed management has received limited coverage in the new Road Safety Policy Orientations 2011-2020 despite the publication of a Eurobarometer opinion-poll survey confirming that European citizens are greatly concerned about excessive speed. Also, a recent vote from the EU Parliament Environment Committee against the introduction of speed limiters on vans is also a missed opportunity for road safety.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Feedback from Blue Light Training Course

From PacMany7

Driving and instructing can not get better then this in my opinion. it is sooooo hard to overtake traffic on a countrey ,sing lane, 60mph carrageway, but this guy made it look easy. Some of the car drivers did a great job too of getting out the way in good time. I wish all the drivers I have to encounter in London were as good as thease 2 guys. Its a polite british custom to thank drivers who help you as seen my the passenger, because they will appreciate your thank you so next time :)

Here is the clip link: HERE

Monday, October 25, 2010

Feedback from rider following Advanced Motorcycle Course

Hi Nigel , great day today really enjoyed it , confidence level good , gems for me , don`t rush ! freindly left / right , power on , wait , wait , found myself talking to myself all the way home , wheres the corner go ? mobile hazards , seemed to get home quicker than ever , great day i`ve taken a lot out of it , many thanks again .

Advanced One day Course 30.8.2010 Around Melton Mowbray, Bourne and Rutland Water

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Advanced Biker and Youtube DVD Sale to Australia

You never know where my DVD Ride to Survive 2007 ends up.... Well it seems quite a few of my Youtube viewers buy them. One such buyer is David Adamson. However having seen what he does, Can I change jobs............

He is a helicopter pilot in Western Australia and posts some of his video footage on Youtube.

His web site is : David Adamson Specialist Helicopters

Check out his Youtube clips at : iKpoter

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hi & Thank You from a You Tube user of Advancedbiker

Hi & Thankyou
Hi Nigel,
I just thought I would take the time to say thankyou for all your Advanced motorcycling youtube videos. I am 36 years old and passed my motorcycle test 4 years ago now. I have watched every one of your youtube video's and taken everything you've said on board. I have just a few weeks ago join IAM and they were amazed that I was so good just from watching your footage.

I am due to do my mock test on Saturday and hopefully my test in a few weeks. I am then going to hopefully take further training to become an observer. Who knows, one day I may even meet up with you.and thankyou in person.

What you do, really does make a difference and probably save lifes. Keep up the good work.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Advanced Biker off Youtube makes the Newspapers....

LIKE a long, long road, the motorcycle rider training industry's recession shows little sign of ending – or even easing up a little.

Link to Article

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you all my Youtube viewers

Thanks to all my Youtube viewers, just hit 3,000,866 views, 1,975 subscribers for my 301 video clips


My Youtube Account

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LinkedIn Recommendation from Alastair Walker

LinkedIn Recommendations

Alastair Walker has endorsed your work as Advanced Skills Instructor at Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com.

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "In 20 years writing about motorcycles I have completed various advanced riding courses.

Nigel's was the best because he made me think and plan in advance, really `read' the traffic ahead of me and understand how to relax a bit more, actually enjoy the ride, not just compete with other road users for space.

Good communicator and it takes a diplomat to teach experienced bikers how to rethink what they're doing out there. Top job."

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

DVD's produced, time for a rest.....

Just spent three days advanced training in Hereford and Wales, Melton Mowbray and the Cotswolds with a number of clients. All captured with the on board video system. Just finished the DVD's and posted them.....

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The power of Youtube

Youtube is a very powerful medium.

Posted a clip today and within 10 minutes, had comments from followers in USA and France

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Staffordshire Police Crack down on Motorcyclists - Bank Holiday weekend

Staffordshire Police, alongside Staffordshire County Council will be running a campaign this bank holiday weekend, aimed at clamping down on reckless motorcycle users across the County.

During the 2nd Operation Octane in 2010, Police will be out in force in both marked and unmarked Police cars, alongside the Safety Camera vehicles aimed at catching those motorcyclist who pose a risk to themselves and other road users. Police will also be calling in their eye in the sky, to monitor the behaviour of Motorcyclists across the region.

HOWEVER I found this very interesting.......
The Rider In Black at August 26th, 2010 Replies.....

I presume that the Staffordshire Police,are using Section 163 of the Road Traffic Act under which the police can stop a mechanically propelled vehicle being driven on the road.

Interesting that a following a review of Section 163 a Royal Commission said that the “Infringement of a person’s liberty to go about his business should be allowed only on suspicion of his involvement in an offence.”

So perhaps Staffordshire Police would care to explain exactly what offence is committed by a biker riding at the relevant speed limit on a legal machine, being in Staffordshire perhaps!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Warning to fellow Motorcycle Trainers - Possible SCAM

I have ignored it, be warned.

My name is John Brook From Uk.I want make a booking for my friends who
want to come bike riding in your country.

Number of guest 15.

Date of arrival 20th Nov 2010

Time round trip ride per day

Number of days 2 weeks
Number of bike 8

Payment credit card

Do get back to me if the dates are free and the total cost for the
programme i wait for your reply Best regards John Brooks address

109-113 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London,UK, SW7 5LR..

phone number +447031912723

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Filtering by motorcycle - Youtube - feedback

Filtering Motorcycle Youtube

Hello Nigel, hope you are well.

I had to email you after my experience yesterday evening.

I finished early yesterday and as it was so nice I decided to deliver a couple of invoices on my bike.
Traffic was quite busy on the way out but an hour later coming back it was stacked.
I was approaching a roundabout and could see the traffic so I moved into the outside lane slowly and then filtered around to the road I wanted.
Looking ahead the traffic was moving very slowly and then your most recent video started to play in my head.

So, keeping my distance, careful of traffic islands, oncoming traffic etc. I then talked myself through about 2 miles of filtering and it was brilliant.
Commentary helps me focus and this time I was confident I could do it. I did have 1 on coming car that sounded his horn but as I was a good distance away I didn't see the problem and nobody else had a problem with what I was doing.
I didn't actually stop until the next traffic lights and I was so pleased with myself to do it which is thanks to your video.

What made me laugh was a small motorbike behind me because at first he looked uncertain, but with a GS cutting through he had more than enough room and he acknowledged me at the lights when we stopped.

That was an excellent experience and if it wasn't for seeing your video I certainly wouldn't have filtered like that yesterday. I would have moved on a bit, then stop if I wasn't sure about a gap or other traffic. Yesterday I was in control and as I was moving about 10 -15 mph I could stop easily if required but I felt comfortable and controlled.

Appologies for such a long email but that was such a great experience for me as I'd never done it that extent before and I'm still excited now.
If you ever wanted proof as to whether your videos have any impression on people then this is it!!

Keep up the good work in helping us novices to feel more confident and safer.

All the best

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advancedbiker and Bikerz Racing - New Web Site

Just saying a big thanks to Jim Mayer and all his staff for an excellent service. New tyres ordered, fitted - No complaints

Why not see what he can do for you and visit him at: BIKERZ Racing
Unit 2, Oldham Street, Joiners Square Ind. Estate, Hanley,Stoke on Trent, ST1 3EY,
Telephone: 01782 272036

Bikerz is North Staffordshires' Premier Tyre & Performance Centre. Offering a full Ride in - Ride out Tyre fitting service along with Servicing & Repairs to ALL makes & models, from a scooter to a full on championship winning Superbike.
They don't just do Tyres, Tuning & Performance though! What ever your need, a new alarm fitting, chain & sprockets, brake pads, replacement exhaust or even bodywork and paintwork, to engine building and prototype engineering, they do it all, and they do it well!

New Website - Check it out:

Bikerz Racing New Web site

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FUCHS Silkolene Club - Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com

I am very pleased to be associated with Fuchs Silkolene and offered my services for the new club they have just launched.

Join the Silkolene Club and you too can benefit from..
# 50% Discount on Silkolene "Retro" Clothing to Registered Members
# Club Members Special Rates for Advance Motorcycle Training Sessions
# Discount of 15% on Spyder Club Membership
# Free Entry to the monthly Silkolene Club Prize draw
And much, much more..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nigel Bowers - Minding Driving Limited - Emergency Blue Light Training

Due to a change of circumstances, my services are no longer required by Minding Driving Limited. My details are still displayed on that companies web site, but I am no longer associated with them. I will not be doing any blue light training for them or endorsing any of their products.

The web site name has been temporarily suspended.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun Run Wales to Llyn Brenig June 2010

The trip to Wales June 2010
I never get much time these days to have a run out, that is without having o follow a client when advanced training, so when Nigel Parkes suggested a run out, I jumped at the chance. A quick call to Dvaid Yates and a date and time was et, but where could we go. Well I fancied North Wales and a lake near to Denbigh.
A 10 am start saw us leaving Stafford on the A5013 towards Eccleshall and then on to Tern Hill roundabout, via Loggerheads and the by pass around Market Drayton, the A53.
At tern Hill roundabout, we turned right along the A41 towards Whitchurch, stopping the Raven Cafe for a brew.
After the break we headed along the A41, picking up the A525 towards Wrexham. We then turned left off the A525 onto the A495 through Welshampton onto Ellesmere, turning right at the junction with the A528. We went through Ellesmere to turn right on the B5068 to St Martins. In St Martins we turned left towards the A5, where turned right and headed for Llangollen.
In Llangollen we turned right off the A5 and across the bridge, turning left on the A524 towards dinner – up the Horseshoe Pass and stop at the Ponderosa.
After a short stop it is north (TURN RIGHT OUT OF CAR PARK) still along the A524 over the roundabout with the A5014 to join the A525. Turning left towards Ruthin and down through the valley of Nant y Garth. In Ruthin continue on the A525 to Denbigh and go through the town centre, picking up the A523 TOWARDS Pentrefoelas, via Bylchau. Just after Blychau look for a left turn, sign posted Llyn Brenig visitor centre, which takes you onto the B4501 (Road with the pine trees).
Stop at Llyn Brenig at the visitor centre, before leaving on the B4501 Cerrigydrudion, where we turned south for a short distance on the A5, before turning right on the B4501 to Fron Goch . Here we turned left TOWARDS Bala, where we stopped for ice cream on the side of the lake.
Leaving Bala, retracing the route along the A494 to the end of the High Street, turn right on the B4391 to Llangynog and onto Pen-y-bont-fawr. Just after this village pick up signs for Owestry, which should be signed B4396 and eventually the A495 to Llynclys (The railway Museum). Cross over the A483 and head for Shrewsbury on the B4396 and eventually the A5.

Diary of the Northern France trip with road names - Routes

The trip to France in June 2010
Despite a traumatic start for me the group leader – Eurotunnel running 3 hours late due to technical problems, we got to the bed and breakfast just one hour later than planned. Evening meal had already been booked.
Day 1 – First day in France and I decided to take the group onto the edges of the Somme, just to let then sample what was available to see. I had been in touch via the UKGSER forum with a fellow rider from Spain and he suggested the following. Well he came up with the right format. We headed to Thiepval to see the memorial and also the newly opened museum. A great place to start if you know little or nothing about the world war one.
I took Sue, our host’s advice, ignored my sat nav plans and went to look for a road called the D8. What a find, bend after bend, with great cross views.........
We spent a couple of hours at Theipval before heading north for lunch at Avril Williams tea rooms 10, Rue Delattre, Auchonvillers, 80560, Somme. We had a leisurely lunch and toured the place and Avril suggested some other places to visit. Well time was getting on and we were so chilled, time was running out to see many more sites. I had wanted to see the Lochnagar crater at La Boiselle, but on route stopped at the Newfoundland Memorial Park. This park, located near Beaumont Hamel, is one of only a few sites on the Western Front where the ground remains largely untouched from when the First World War ended. The main entrance to the Newfoundland Memorial Park can be found on the D73 road between Hamel and Auchonvillers.
The distances between all these sites are not great so I was able to show the group the Park, before heading to the crater.
Site seeing done, I had to plan a ride back to the bed and breakfast, via an Aldi as we were having a cheese and wine night.
The route back, after filling up with fuel at Albert was along the D938 to Doullens, where we stopped for refreshments. Then like before, time was against us so a run up the D916 to St-Pol- sur-Ternoise, saw us getting fuel and all the food for our cheese and wine. Then back to the bed and breakfast in Gauchin – Verloingt. A great night, after a great day.
Day 2 – A look at the Western Front and run into Belgium saw us heading towards Vimy Ridge, the Canadian memorial. Another good site to visit as you can have guided tours of the ground and under ground tunnel. Time again was against us so we made our next stop the Hooge Crater, just outside Ypres.
We made our way into Ypres for the last post at 8pm, then a run back to the b and b, for a light snack of the remaining cheese supplemented by some chips we managed to get enroute. Another great day, only isuse was we weer due to go home the next day. Ah well I had planned a run back via a world war two museum, before heading to Calais for the Eurotunnel
Day 3 – The run home.
Plans never go right as I found some more fantastic roads and did a detour towards the coast, leaving St Pol along the D343 to Anvin then on the D94 towards Auchy-les-Hesdin. Here we turned north to pick up the D108, and D343 stopping in Hucqueliers for a drink. We then went onto Desvres, where Bob fueled up and I got a bit lost. I finally managed to find this roller coaster of a road through the Forest of Boulogne, the D341, before we got to Boulogne. Where we saw a first traffic, mainly British idiot drivers coming from Le Mans 24 hour. Never mind we went into Wimereux, a coastal town and had a leisurely dinner. You guessed ti, time was against us, so we made straight for Calais.

We will be back......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We have been to Northern France Battlefield Tour June 2010

Here is some feedback form a recent tour:

Hello All,
Just a quick email to thank you all for what turned out to be a very enjoyable weekend away, with a great bunch of like minded Bikers.
It has brought home to me that I need to be doing a lot more of these kind of trips, to get away from the busy daily life that I have made for myself!
I look forward to seeing some of you soon, perhaps on the next trip?
Maybe a few of you may have GS's by then eh?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nigel, for inviting me, and hope he does so again, you did a great job Nigel!
Thanks everyone!

Kindest Regards
Robert J Howitt
RJH Driver & Rider Training Ltd.
Unit 7,
Daneside Business Park,
Riverdane Road,

Hi All

Lynn and I would like to thank all for a great trip, Lynn stated"what a lovely group, seemed like I have known them for a long time, really enjoyed it, hope we see them again" I can only repeat her feelings.

Nigel ,"you done us proud, Thank you"

Clinton and Lynn King

Sunday, June 06, 2010

BTCC Oulton Park June 6th 2010 Thanks Club Seat

Thanks you Club Seat for an exellent day at the Bristish Touring Car Championship round held at Oulton Park, A great day..

Friday, May 21, 2010

La Mere Palu, Normandy Bed and Breakfast - Motorcycles

Well the power of Tripadvisor.

Check out the link:

La Mere Palu

A bed and breakfast higly recommended and they now have secure undercover parking for motorcycles........Great addition to the place.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Am I doing it right ?


Comment on this clip:

you're going to get somebody hurt. telling people wich way to go breaks concentration and separates them from thier own assessment of conditions. people can only learn from within and experience ,the worst thing you can do when riding a bike is actually to think about what you are doing. Progression is achieved by small incremental steps . You're methods bore no relation to the reality of motoorcycling. YOU JUST LIKE TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The new motorcycle test response from DSA Newsletter

On Tuesday 23 March, the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee published the report on its inquiry into the implementation of the new motorcycle test.
Motorcycle fatalities have fallen by almost 30 per cent since 2003 but we are
determined to continue working with the industry to improve safety and raise
riding standards.
We welcome the committee’s support for our decision to make the motorcycle test more
robust and their acknowledgement that this is likely to improve
road safety.
The new multi-purpose test centres provide motorcycle and driving test candidates with safe,spacious and modern testing facilities, replacing older, less well equipped
centres. We have worked hard to find suitable sites and 88 per cent of the
population now live within 45 minutes or 20 miles of a module 1 motorcycle
test centre.
We thank the committee for its report and will respond fully to all its
recommendations in due course.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Selling my Honda VFR 800 Is it sold ?

The Honda VFR 800 is for sale and adverised in MotorcycleNews - The Web Site. A couple of interesting emails, one of which I respondde to and got this reply:
"Thank you for your prompt and timely response.I am very glad indeed to receive your mail.I am really impressed and thrilled with your email regarding the status of the bike,the present condition of it and which i hope had acknowledge in the email.Infact,i really get fascinated with the bike and will be willing to move ahead with the purchase.I will have every defects of the bike repaired if necessary replaced before use and which i hope will not cost me a lot of money.I really appreciate to hearing that The bike is in a good shape and hope the engine being in a perfect condition and mechanically sound.I will be eager to move ahead with the purchase being the fact that the condition of the bike is satisfactory.I will be willing to conclude the purchase as soon as possible.I will not be able to come for the inspection myself as i am presently out of my country on a business obligation.I came accross the advert while surfing the internet and get fascinated with the bike .Anyway concerning the payment & pick up.I will have to consult my shipper who will be responsible for the pick up of the bike .I will mail you the cheque of £4,500.I will buy the bike because i don't want you to sell the bike for another buyer, so you will deducted the cost of the bike out of the money and transfer the excess funds on the cheque to the shipping company who will come for the pick up at your location.I will kindly want you to provide me with the following information to issue the payment:
Full name which will be on the cheque:
Full Mailing address with poster code:
Contact Phone number:
I will be looking forward to hearing from you asap.Thank you for your kind gesture.
Mrs Parker"

Is it a con .......?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The new UK Motorcycle Test Government reaction


The Government's decision to introduce large Multi Purpose Test Centres (MPTCs) and close down many small, convenient motorcycle test sites was unjustified. In a report launched today, the Transport Committee concludes that the implementation of the new MPTCs was bungled, and that it delayed the introduction of the new test. Almost eleven months after the introduction of the new test, it is unacceptable that the Driving Standards Agency has failed to get all 66 planned centres operational, inconveniencing motorcyclists and trainers and driving up the cost of doing a test.

Launching the report, Committee Chair, Louise Ellman MP said, "many candidates and trainers now have to travel too far for their motorcycle test. This adds to the cost , and in some cases, exposes candidates to fast and dangerous roads on the way to a test site-before they have even
taken their test. The Driving Standards Agency needs to give much greater priority to customer service and convenience for test candidates and trainers."

In its report, The new European motorcycle test, MPs conclude that the Driving Standards Agency was slow and dogmatic in its approach to test centres, failing to listen adequately to the motorcycle industry. Smaller test sites could have been retained, saving millions of pounds.
No other country in Europe has found it necessary to build 'super test sites'.

Mrs Ellman adds: "A more pragmatic approach would have cost far less for all concerned. Problems with the new test booking systems and opening hours, have been bad for business. If the new test brings financial ruin to the motorcycle training industry then we will have gone backwards."

The new motorcycle test was implemented following European legislation. The Committee accepts the industry's argument that Government has 'gilded the lily' by adding more manoeuvres to the test than is strictly required by the Brussels Directive, but believes the Government was right to do so. The test employs two practical elements: one consists of
technical exercises off-road and the other is a road-based test of traffic handling skills on the public highway. The Committee believes the new test needs to be very comprehensive, if it is to help reduce deaths and serious injuries among motorcyclists.

Committee Chair, Mrs Ellman said, "Motorcyclists make up just 1% of road users but account for 19% of all deaths and serious injuries on our roads. The risk of death and injury has not declined nearly as much for motorcyclists as for other road users, and this needs to be addressed as a high priority. The new combination of tests is likely to help improve road safety, provided that the Government and the industry work together, and that training for other road users to improve their awareness of motorcyclists on the road is improved too."

The Committee condemns Ministers' failure to negotiate an exemption from the EU requirement that parts of the test should be performed at 50 km/h*31.07 mph. MPs argue that it is both bizarre and confusing that tests should be performed at speeds not permitted on the public highway in built-up areas, and that it should be measured in units not commonly
used in the UK.

The Committee believes the Driving Standards Agency and the motorcycle industry now need to work together to raise the standard and consistency of motorcycle training. MPs also reiterate their 2007 recommendation that the current voluntary registration of motorcycle instructors be made mandatory.

To ensure that the new test is working, the Government must collect robust and reliable data on the number of deaths and serious injuries among motorcyclists, the number of unlicensed motorcyclists, and the length of time between riders training to ride a bike and taking the
test. It must also monitor carefully the number of accidents which occur during the test. The DSA must react quickly to modify the test if incident rates do not decline.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sentinal Business Awards

I submitted my application to the Sentinal Business awards in the category - Bets use of I.T. and this is what they wrote -

Link Here

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Honda VFR 800 For Sale


My trusty Honda VFR 800 is for sale. First registered September 1999. It is presently being dekitted (cameras etc.....)
She is a black VFR with 66700 miles on the clock. Regularly serviced, with oil change every 2,000 miles (Not a full service history) In 2009 new Hagon rear shock and Delkavic stainless steel exhaust system fitted. She is presently running great, but I have gone and bought another bike. What is she worth, well with tax and MOT, around £2,000.00. Or make me an offer E Mail:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Autocom is now part of the Tecstar Electronics Limited group

Autocom is now part of the Tecstar Electronics Limited group.

Tecstar will continue the Autocom range in its entirety and support current distributors and dealer networks ensuring continuity of supply of product, parts and cables. Tecstar is committed to further product development and will be working to enhance the Autocom range.

Autocom Communications
Tecstar House, Bramley Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 3WS

New FAX number + 44 (O)1480 399503
New Phone number + 44 (O)1480 494444

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another ferry Route cancelled Portsmouth to Bilbao P & O Ferries

We just wanted to let you know of a change that will be taking place to P&O Ferries routes this
year. P&O Ferries has given notice that is it proposing to withdraw from the Portsmouth-Bilbao
route at the end of September 2010, when the charter of the ship it uses for the service, the Pride
of Bilbao, comes to an end.

The service will operate as scheduled up to and including the Bilbao-Portsmouth departure on Monday
27th September 2010 and any bookings up to this date will be unaffected.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Motorcycle Trip To France June 2010 PLACE available

I have a place available on the French trip which is a jolly to Northern France over the weekend of Friday June 11th to Monday June 14th. If you are interested please get in touch.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Plans for Normandy Trip in April 2010

Well the weather has been a bit bit crap and I have been able to catch up with things, especially plans for the Normandy Trip in April. Brittany ferries cancelled the outward sailing from Poole to Cherbourg, which has left me wondering, how the hell do I get to France. Well Brittany Ferries offered me an alternative, Portsmouth to Caen, but it arrives in France ar 21.30 hrs and then a 90 minute run to the B and B. Long ferry crossing. ( Better spent riding ? ) Well it was put to the vote and we are going to ride all the way from Calais, about a 4 hour run, all motorway, but we get to the B and B earlier. It may be the last time we use Brittany Ferries as the prices have gone up..... Watch this space !

Saturday, January 02, 2010

End of an era Brittany Ferries - Barfleur

It looks as if the economic problem has hit Brittany Ferries and they have suspended the Poole to Cherbourg ferry and the ferry Barfleur will be no more. A great ship, but a bit of a blow as I was booked on it for the Normandy trip in April. Looks like plan 'B', Don't know what it is yet......

Autocom - Thanks to Doug Sant

It looks like Autocom have gone under and are in administration, dated 23.12.2009. I have a customer of Autocom for a number of years and have always received excellent service from them. Can I say thank you Doug Sant for everything and good luck in what ever 2010 brings your way.