Monday, December 14, 2009

Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com is in Sentinel Business News

Nigel's biker business is worldwide success

NIGEL Bowers is making the most of social media to attract customers from all over the world.

Video sharing website YouTube has played a big part in the success of his advanced motorcycle training business, bringing in clients from as far afield as America, Hong Kong and New Zealand – as well as from just up the road.

The former motorcycle policeman had wanted to run his own rider-training firm since the late 1980s. Now Biddulph-based has a high profile both nationally and internationally, thanks to Nigel's innovative use of the internet as a marketing, training and entertainment tool.

And his company is a nominee for The Sentinel Business Awards, presented in association with North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the BT Local Business – Stoke-sponsored Best Use of IT & Communications Award.

"It was born out of a hobby and a passion for advanced motorcycle training," said the man who has taken to hi tech like a duck to water, and now has his bike festooned with communications equipment including on-board video cameras.

Video of pupils can be played back kerb-side to help them improve their techniques but it also has a much wider audience.

Apart from being presented to the subjects on DVD, it can be screened to the world via the internet, some of it on a subscriber basis.

Nigel said: "Last month I had 254 clips on YouTube, and they had been watched by more than two million people worldwide. Currently I am attracting an average of 2,500 viewers a day and generating more than £50 a month in advertising revenue.

"The spread of broadband, with its high speeds, was a real boon and I've redeveloped my websites – introducing video clips and pdf files – with that in mind.

"I started out with a helmet-mounted camera, using VHS tape, but the advent of digital recording has greatly enhanced quality and the ease with which files can be edited, and transferred.

"Originally, I was only posting footage on my own site, which seemed a lot of time and effort, so I joined YouTube in 2007 and the results have been spectacular.

"It has been a great success for me and I am attracting clients as a result of them watching the video clips."

With the market leading the way, he has fitted two additional cameras to his bike in order to offer different views and picture-within-picture footage – all backed with audio channel commentary and advice

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