Saturday, October 03, 2009

My Training History - Advancedbiker - Youtube

I have been sorting out my old paperwork and found my training history when I was in the Police Force.

Here goes;

Before I could even drive a Police Car, called Pandas in those days I did a 5 week course in 1978. The courses were graded and I was lucky to get a high grade 3, so I could straight onto an Advanced course later. In 1980 I started my career on the Traffic Division and in January I did a 3 week standard motorcycle course; In july I did a 4 week Advanced Car course. (No speed limits - No speed cameras) Still on traffic in June 1982 I did a 3 week intermediate motorcycle course (BMW 800's but sticking to speed limits). In 1983 a few more driving courses - February for 3 weeks an Advanced motorcycle course (No speed limits - Speed cameraas etc...); July 1983 an Advanced car refresher another 2 weeks, where I obtained a grade 1. Then the instructor courses, both 6 weeks duration; a good year 1987.....February the car instructors course and then in September the Motorcycle Instructors course.
So in total Car courses: 15 weeks
Motorcycle courses: 15 weeks

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Unknown said...

I always think that this puts into context the road training available to civilians. I'm involved with IAM and we expect to take several weeks of "Observed Runs" to practice with an Associate in preparation for the Institute of Advanced Motorists test. In terms of time, this represents two or three hours on each run with a bit of practice - in truth 20 odd hours of coaching i.e. about 2.5 days.

As illustrated by your career - you have been training - i.e. intensive stuff, for 15 weeks for *each* class, and at the lowest of the range this is at least 562 hours. Set this with the peer pressure of being part of traffic, IAM and Rospa (good as they are) pale a bit!