Saturday, October 03, 2009

My Training History - Advancedbiker - Youtube

I have been sorting out my old paperwork and found my training history when I was in the Police Force.

Here goes;

Before I could even drive a Police Car, called Pandas in those days I did a 5 week course in 1978. The courses were graded and I was lucky to get a high grade 3, so I could straight onto an Advanced course later. In 1980 I started my career on the Traffic Division and in January I did a 3 week standard motorcycle course; In july I did a 4 week Advanced Car course. (No speed limits - No speed cameras) Still on traffic in June 1982 I did a 3 week intermediate motorcycle course (BMW 800's but sticking to speed limits). In 1983 a few more driving courses - February for 3 weeks an Advanced motorcycle course (No speed limits - Speed cameraas etc...); July 1983 an Advanced car refresher another 2 weeks, where I obtained a grade 1. Then the instructor courses, both 6 weeks duration; a good year 1987.....February the car instructors course and then in September the Motorcycle Instructors course.
So in total Car courses: 15 weeks
Motorcycle courses: 15 weeks
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