Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling - New Zealand

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling

I found this site whilst searching for my images on the internet. Guess what, two of my images are on the site.
Could I say I am flattered bythis, but I do not endorse the site as the images have been used without my permission

Feedback from Youtube

From ashmahmoodroc

If people like Nigel were not around and the other guy from learn to ride videos then some of us might actually be in the gounext time youare out and ayou use one of the principles that you where taught by your instructor or one that you may have watched on these vids then some people might appreciate this mans efforts - its crazy when valentino wanabes want to make sill comments. I watch these vids regualrly and as boring as osme get i always pick one or two tips so thanks advanced biker

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cat and Fiddle Public House - Web Cam

Just got this e-mail from Colin Townend,

I think you are aware of the webcam we installed at the Cat and Fiddle pub on the A537 Buxton to Macclesfield road last winter.
The camera gives motorists, walkers, and cyclists, and flyers an easy way to check that weather conditions on the hill are suitable for their activity.

In the last few weeks a new cafe has opened at Flash on the A53 Buxton to Leek road (the other side of the triangular circuit favoured by bikers) and this cafe is host to another webcam showing the road conditions at that road.

I'm writing because I thought you might be interested to learn of a new source of weather information, and a new source of refreshment!

Kind Regards
Colin Townend