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Motorcycle Insurance coming up for renewal, are you a RoSPA rider or thinkng about training, well check out the lataest offer from Biketeam:

Press release from RoSPA

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feedback from JJ the Plumber

Hello Nigel

It's been some weeks since my training day with you and although I've not had a great deal of time to get out on my bike, the few occaisions have been more enjoyable.
I am practicing all the points you have taught me and I feel like I'm making progress.
I also think it's helping with my driving as well, I'm finding myself looking further and anticipating more which makes it all smoother.

I have to say the dvd of the day is excellent and I realise I'm not quite as bad as I thought!

Seriously, it's great to see what I'm doing and also get to see what you're looking at via the helmet cam which helps to put things in place because it was quite an intense day for me as I've never done anything like this before.
When watching the dvd I can see opportunities when I could have overtaken or made my road position a bit better etc, it's a great reference and training aid.
I can watch me on my GS with lovely scenery and weather on a 43inch plasma screen, how cool is that!
To have passed the Enhanced Rider Scheme with a gold gave me a great sense of achievement and will hopefully help when my insurance is due.

So thanks again and I will definately be calling you in the new year for more expert training and tuition.

All the best

Monday, December 14, 2009

Advanced Motorcycle Training .Com is in Sentinel Business News

Nigel's biker business is worldwide success

NIGEL Bowers is making the most of social media to attract customers from all over the world.

Video sharing website YouTube has played a big part in the success of his advanced motorcycle training business, bringing in clients from as far afield as America, Hong Kong and New Zealand – as well as from just up the road.

The former motorcycle policeman had wanted to run his own rider-training firm since the late 1980s. Now Biddulph-based has a high profile both nationally and internationally, thanks to Nigel's innovative use of the internet as a marketing, training and entertainment tool.

And his company is a nominee for The Sentinel Business Awards, presented in association with North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the BT Local Business – Stoke-sponsored Best Use of IT & Communications Award.

"It was born out of a hobby and a passion for advanced motorcycle training," said the man who has taken to hi tech like a duck to water, and now has his bike festooned with communications equipment including on-board video cameras.

Video of pupils can be played back kerb-side to help them improve their techniques but it also has a much wider audience.

Apart from being presented to the subjects on DVD, it can be screened to the world via the internet, some of it on a subscriber basis.

Nigel said: "Last month I had 254 clips on YouTube, and they had been watched by more than two million people worldwide. Currently I am attracting an average of 2,500 viewers a day and generating more than £50 a month in advertising revenue.

"The spread of broadband, with its high speeds, was a real boon and I've redeveloped my websites – introducing video clips and pdf files – with that in mind.

"I started out with a helmet-mounted camera, using VHS tape, but the advent of digital recording has greatly enhanced quality and the ease with which files can be edited, and transferred.

"Originally, I was only posting footage on my own site, which seemed a lot of time and effort, so I joined YouTube in 2007 and the results have been spectacular.

"It has been a great success for me and I am attracting clients as a result of them watching the video clips."

With the market leading the way, he has fitted two additional cameras to his bike in order to offer different views and picture-within-picture footage – all backed with audio channel commentary and advice

Article copyright The Sentinel and available at:

Read Article Here

Friday, December 04, 2009

Did Prince Philip Fart ?

What do you think, just look at the Queen's face.........

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Riding in Groups - Legal Ruling - I am against it.

Dear All

Article in MCN I was not aware of the petition against it. Whilst we would never condone the example given of Ken Clark riding at 85mph in a 60mph limit, I am sure I do not need to explain how this could be applied to any kind of group riding activity, including our own tours. I would urge you to take a few minutes to sign the petition and pass it on to anyone else you may think it may effect.

best regards
David Galloway
White Rose Motorcycle Tours the petition HERE

Motorcyclists at the head of a group of riders will face stiffer penalties for speeding under a crown court ruling.

Being the lead rider in a group is an aggravating factor making you partly responsible for speeding offences of those behind you according to the decision.

The ruling can be applied in any future cases where two or more motorcyclists riding together are accused of speeding. The head rider might be only a few mph over the limit but could be given the same penalty as the worst offender behind.

Road traffic solicitor Robert Dobson said: “Any crown court decision can be stated in future cases. This is potentially a very dangerous judgement for motorcyclists.

"Riders in a group change position frequently.

“If you are riding at the front any group at excess speed, then the very fact you’re at the front is an aggravating factor.”

Ken Clark, 49, reached 85mph on his Yamaha R1 while leading a group of three riders on the 60mph A272 near Rogate, Sussex, last June.

The speed is within the usual threshold for a fixed penalty of three points and a £60 fine.

But Chichester Crown Court ruled he should receive the same penalty as a following rider accused of going 103mph.

Barrister notes on the ruling given to Clark after the hearing state: ‘Although his was the lesser speed, [the bench] found it an aggravating feature that he was the lead motorcyclist, was setting the pace and he knew that the other two motorcyclists would want to catch him up and would be speeding to do so.’

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advanced Training Normandy 2010 Place Available

NORMANDY April 2010 - Place Now Available
Thursday 15th April to Monday 19th April 2010

* 5 day tour, based in Carentan, Normandy, France

* 3 days of advanced training, come workshop

* The advanced guidance will be 1:3 based on the individual needs of the rider, with the length of training agreed beforehand.( Additional RoSPA Diploma Instructor)

* Limited to 6 Riders

* Agreed routes

* One main camera motorcycle.(2 camera Motorcycles on trip)

* Days training footage shown in the evening.

* Travel by Brttanny Ferries to France via Cherbourg

Cost £260.00 for the training workshop

Accommodation, extra meals. fuel and ferry extra

Monday, November 23, 2009

Service provided by UK2.Net - Domain names and Web Space

Just a word of warning.... I have been a valued customer of for a number of years. I decided to up date my web server, but because it was so complicated I cancelled the service. Been waiting 7 days for a response...... Not to impressed with customer service - Decided to try a new company.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The story of E Bay and Icom

Well I was after a secondhand PMR 446 radio for the bike to bike communciations as a spare, so as you do went onto E Bay. Plenty to choose from, but went for an Icom, which had a spare battery and charger all for £35.00. I won the auction. Should have known better as when it I arrived afetr several attempts to use it with my other Icom radios, it did not work. WHY ? Wrong frequency - It was set up for Short Band Business use. A quick search on the internet and I found the Icom site, with it's offices in Kent. Rang them and they reprogramm the radios back to PMR 446. Sent it off expecting a two week turn round, no done in a day for £39.00. So all in all a what was £250.00 radio for just over seventy quid.

Thanks to the staff at Icom

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


November 11 2009.

Proposals to improve skills and safety for new motorcycle riders were published today by the Department for Transport (DfT) in conjunction with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The measures are contained in a consultation on the implementation of new European requirements on driver testing, training, examination and licensing which come into force in 2013.

Link : More Info here

Monday, November 09, 2009

Virtual Vic from Carole Nash samples an Advanced Motorcycle Course

Virtual Vic spent a day with Advanced Motorcycle Training, based in the Midlands, to find out how useful a regular series of assessed rides can be.

There are a rising number of two-wheeler accidents in the UK, as more riders aboard large, 600cc+ machines come a cropper on our scenic roads. Although the causes are often hard to establish when there’s only bike involved, it is obvious that many riders today simply cannot handle the 170mph motorbikes they own, but vanity prevents them from asking for training tips or guidance.

In a way, that’s understandable, as almost every one of us thinks we are `good’ riders, but as I found out with a day’s ride in North Wales with Nigel Bowers from Advanced Motorcycle Training, there’s always room for improvement. The whole rider assessment was also video taped, via an on-bike camera, as Nigel followed me for about 20 miles.

Reading the road ahead

Although the session was simply a `taster’ it was just a few minutes before I realised how many potential hazards I was oblivious to, as I merrily rode along the scenic roads near Llangollen. Nigel had his radio linked to an earpiece inside my Arai, so I could hear his running commentary, which identified all kinds of traffic problems looming ahead. He even spotted the address on a foreign registered truck three cars ahead, which was a very subtle touch, as you might expect an overseas driver to make sudden moves, if for example they were lost, or looking for a trading estate.

After a much needed tea stop, we stopped to review the footage and chat about the ride’s highs and lows, along with Andy Gralton, who was a relative novice at motorcycling, but keen to learn techniques which could save his life one day.

It was useful to get another opinion on my riding style, along with some good advice on positioning the bike for maximum view around corners, instead of taking a `racing’ line sometimes. Nigel also spotted that I got too close to the back of vehicles in front, which restricts your view - not good when you need maximum vision ahead to plan overtaking moves.

Andy had completed a series of rider assessments with Nigel and his scoresheet at the end of the day reflected the good progress he had made. Andy commented at the Ponderosa caf√© that he `felt much more confident with bike now, more relaxed too.’

The day made me think harder about `reading’ the traffic, and the road `furniture’ far ahead in the distance, which is the key to anticipating dangerous situations, instead of just reacting to them. The type of riding we were doing was brisk, not fast, but it was a million miles ahead of the urban pootling about that most riders do on a motorcycle test, or the training leading up to that test. My own feeling is that every rider needs some extra tuition after passing the bike test and one day, the government will make this a legal requirement before you can ride a bike which makes more than 100bhp.

But before that day arrives, you could do yourself a favour and learn to think ahead, plan your ride, become smoother through the corners and - most important of all - acquire the skills you need to overtake traffic safely and quickly, which is where many accidents on 60mph A roads occur. The day’s assessment was impressive stuff and you can find out more at

Get involved

Every rider gets a copy of the video footage which is filmed from Nigel’s hi-tech Sony on-bike camera, complete with a soundtrack. Watching the DVD playback, you can see how sometimes you almost set yourself on `autopilot’ and don’t seem to be in quite the best position on the road.

For me, it’s this added feature which sets this riding course apart from many other advance riding schools; later, you get the chance to assess your own mistakes, and successes. The whole thing makes you more involved with your riding style and keen to improve your biking next time around.

Like many riders who have been biking for decades, rather than years, I kinda thought I knew most stuff worth knowing, but I could see immediately that I am far too reliant on the road being clear of obstacles around the next sweeping bend. Because I’ve raced a little bit in the past, I am still entering blind corners too quickly and apexing the bend as if I was racing - but there’s no trophy up for grabs in Accident & Emergency is there?

I now tend to hang the bike out, for as long as I can, before going around the bends, which isn’t the fastest line, but it has already saved me from hitting a lump of shredded lorry tyre on some of my fave local B roads, during the last three weeks of monsoon summer weather. I also look more closely over hedges, through field gateways and watch tree-lines, or telegraph poles, on rural roads, as I try to guess what route the road is taking up ahead - I even got some new glasses from Boots to make sure I can see properly!

When you’re an old git like me, you need to reduce the odds of becoming another biking casualty, because it takes a helluval long time to repair 46 year old bones. Take it easy out there - Vic.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Advancedbiker Youtube updates web site

I have found a better way to show my Youtube clips, so have updated one of my webpages. See it here:

Advancedbiker Youtube

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adavanced Motorcycle Tours UK, France

New web site launched to promote new venture. Combining touring with advanced training...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Advancedbiker joins Autocom Forum

Autocom have an offical forum, covering most things Autocom. Why not have a look, I did and joined it:

Autocom Forum

Advanced Trip - Tour to Northern France June 2010

Northern France Jolly

Friday 11th June to Monday 14th June 2010

Tour of World War One sites etc

Limited number of places available (Not Training)

3 places left

Monday, October 19, 2009

Advancedbiker joins Twitter

Just thought I would let you all know, just joined Twitter. It is good for me as a media to post news, views and bits of stuff, i.e. Tour information.

Want to have a peep at the page, here is the link: TWITTER

I have joined Linkedin

One of my clients pointed me in the direction of this web site, so I joined and added all my details, and I even got some recommendations:

Here is the link: Linkedin

New photos of the Bed and Breakfast Carentan

Just arrived, some photos of the Bed and Breakfast we used on our last trip to Normandy, La Mare Palu, near Carentan

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laurel and Hardy Dance To The Gap Band

It is time to cheer everyone up, dark nights approaching and wet weather........

My favorites

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Check out some Normandy Pics on Flicker

I have just joined Flicker, do not know if it will work. Pics from video camera on Motorcycle:

Pics on Flicker

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Advanced trips to France June 2010

I am organising a 'jolly' to Northern France in June 2010 looking at some world war one and world war two sites. We will be stopping with Sue and Paul again at Les Ballastières,


It will be a weekend depart Friday 11th June 2010, return Monday morning 14th June 2010 for 8 persons only.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Advanced Motorcycle Training Workshop Normandy April 2010

All place are taken, workshop fully booked.
If you missed out and fancy going another date, please let me know, I can always arrange another one, possible dates - September 2010, 2 days,leave Friday, return Monday.....

Oops forgot any contact details.......

E-mail at

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feedback from Damian Cranny - La Mare Palu

“Nigel used our bed and breakfast for an Advanced Training trip in Normandy. In total there were five attendees on the course. The most telling and reliable accolade to Nigel's skills in training, team management and personal attention was the candid talk at the breakfast table when he was absent form the room. Each and every one of the trainees could not sing his praises enough from his driving skills to the way that he boosted their confidence whilst helping them to drop bad habits and adopt new skills that that only improved their riding but made the riding experience all the more pleasurable for them. Having entrusted their time and money to attend the course they were all eager to rebook.” October 13, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Youtube damagedron meets advancedbiker

Normandy in the rain with a Honda ST 1300 Pan European

Feedback from Rider

Bringing the speed down a few mph allowed me to asses the bend before entering it in the right gear and position.Looking past the curve to the next bend combined with steady throttle control allowed me to feel in control and made it smoother.I was comfortable with the speed on twisty bends in the wet.The road structure,weather, group and mostly great tuition I got months of experience condensed into days.Had a great time with a good bunch of lads so put me down for the next trip!Thanks again.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

My Training History - Advancedbiker - Youtube

I have been sorting out my old paperwork and found my training history when I was in the Police Force.

Here goes;

Before I could even drive a Police Car, called Pandas in those days I did a 5 week course in 1978. The courses were graded and I was lucky to get a high grade 3, so I could straight onto an Advanced course later. In 1980 I started my career on the Traffic Division and in January I did a 3 week standard motorcycle course; In july I did a 4 week Advanced Car course. (No speed limits - No speed cameras) Still on traffic in June 1982 I did a 3 week intermediate motorcycle course (BMW 800's but sticking to speed limits). In 1983 a few more driving courses - February for 3 weeks an Advanced motorcycle course (No speed limits - Speed cameraas etc...); July 1983 an Advanced car refresher another 2 weeks, where I obtained a grade 1. Then the instructor courses, both 6 weeks duration; a good year 1987.....February the car instructors course and then in September the Motorcycle Instructors course.
So in total Car courses: 15 weeks
Motorcycle courses: 15 weeks

Dates for Advanced Training trip - Normandy 2010

Provisonal dates for Advanced Training trip to Normandy are out - Thursday 15th April 2010 to Monday 19th April 2010.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Advanced Trip to Normandy April 2010

Just got back from a fantastic trip to Normandy, and now planning for a return in April 2010. I am looking at 2 instructors, both with camera motorcycle, Autocom bike to bike comms. All I need is 6 clients......

Watch this space for more information, dates etc......

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling - New Zealand

Roadcraft School of Motorcycling

I found this site whilst searching for my images on the internet. Guess what, two of my images are on the site.
Could I say I am flattered bythis, but I do not endorse the site as the images have been used without my permission

Feedback from Youtube

From ashmahmoodroc

If people like Nigel were not around and the other guy from learn to ride videos then some of us might actually be in the gounext time youare out and ayou use one of the principles that you where taught by your instructor or one that you may have watched on these vids then some people might appreciate this mans efforts - its crazy when valentino wanabes want to make sill comments. I watch these vids regualrly and as boring as osme get i always pick one or two tips so thanks advanced biker

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cat and Fiddle Public House - Web Cam

Just got this e-mail from Colin Townend,

I think you are aware of the webcam we installed at the Cat and Fiddle pub on the A537 Buxton to Macclesfield road last winter.
The camera gives motorists, walkers, and cyclists, and flyers an easy way to check that weather conditions on the hill are suitable for their activity.

In the last few weeks a new cafe has opened at Flash on the A53 Buxton to Leek road (the other side of the triangular circuit favoured by bikers) and this cafe is host to another webcam showing the road conditions at that road.

I'm writing because I thought you might be interested to learn of a new source of weather information, and a new source of refreshment!

Kind Regards
Colin Townend

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feedback from recent course - Thanks Nic

Good afternoon Nigel,

Yes, I will echo that, thak you for a fantastic day yesterday. I enjoyed myself immensely and the ride up into the Peak District was wonderful - we do have some fantastic roads around us (it's just a shame that it's all being messed about with!!!). I will admit to being a bit shaken when you said "no, we'll do the RoSPA test now!" as I thought it would be towards the end of the day - however, I understand the process behind doing it there and then, first thing.

You get to assess the rider from the outset (in this case little old me!) and you get what you get - not someone who is trying to impress or deliver what you've taught them during the day. It's this test that to my mind, means you know where you stand and what you need to work on during the day. I was chuffed to bits to have been awarded to my RoSPA Gold award from you and was so pleased that you were impressed with me from the outset. As I said to you, being on the road (bike or car) means something to me and due to the job I do for a living what you do on the roads is I think, I direct reflection to you as a person. Your ability to assess, process and deal with information as it comes at you at what ever speed and if you can deal with it in a constant methodicaly manner, your riding is directly reflected in your position and cinfidence on the road. I wanted to do the test, not needed to do the test. What it has reinforced for me, is that I am doing something right when I'm riding my bike around the UK.

I hope that other riders get as much from their time with you as I did as I beieve your courses are perfect for those of us out there that want to enjoy their bikes, be it as a leisure exercise or as a an exercise directly related to your daily commute or job. I believe I've developed further and judging by the radio silence on the way back down the wonderful Snake Pass, I took that the be a good sign!!!!!

Nic Fasci

Friday, July 03, 2009

Nigel Bowers is alive, fit and well

I know it might seem a strange way to address a blog, but there have been certain stories circulating around the Stoke on Trent motorcycle stops, that I am not very well and not doing motorcycle training. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am very busy and here I was at the Classic Corvette weekend at Huntingdon, last weekend the 27th and 28th June 2009.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Support from Fuchs - Silkolene oil

Can I take this opportunity through the blog to thank Richard Barrett from Fuchs Silkolene for the support he has given Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com. He has enabled me to now run the Honda VFR 800 using Fuchs Silkolene products.
Thanks for the day out as well......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Youtube - Making contacts

Thank you to all my Youtube subscribers - It would not have been possible without out you to share experiences, hints and tips about motorcycle touring without you.....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Normandy Trip April 2009 Photograph Time

Jim sent me some photos today, so here are a few:

Where Can I get the group lost this time - Must include a few U turns.........

No problem Nige, we have had our dinner, so we are ready.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

The power of Youtube and the use of video - Advanced Motorcycle Training

As you know I have been on Youtube a number of years now, with the present scores on the doors of 211 video uploads, 1,044 subscribers and vids have been viewed 1.6 million times. What started off as a wild idea has developed into a visual training aid for a vast number of riders all over the world. Now and again I have the opportunity to actually meet some of the subscribers and on Sunday last I met up with Bentleybloke aka Mark from the Wirral. Yes we did some training and Yes we did some video and Yes it went onto Youtube:

Here is the link - Advancedbiker meets Bentleybloke

Mark has kindly posted a comment about the ride, quote,' Hi Nigel, I know i have just posted a video thank you but I would like to put it in text too! THANK YOU for the training today it was brilliant. As the info says on the
on-board video footage above, I have been watching your videos for a long time. I like many others have learnt a great deal from your You Tube stuff. I am doing my advanced training and found I was having information overload, the two hours with you answered my questions plus corrected my faults... I can now but only improve!' and even a video........

See it here : Video from Bentleybloke

It was agreat day.......

To all you Youtubers who support my vids a BIG THANK YOU


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advanced Trip Normandy September 2009 - Carentan

Were off to Normandy again in September 2009 for an Advanced Workshop and stopping at a 18th Century Chambres dhotes bed and breakfast farmhouse accommodation set in Carentan France in the heart of the regional Park.

The Chambre dhotes provides bed and breakfast accommodation. Tariff for large accommodation double room 60 euros bed and breakfast. large accommodation, (double and single bed) 80 euros bed and breakfast. Nearest brittany ferries ports Cherbourg 45 mins, Caen 60 minutes. brittany ferries website click here. This provides easy access to our Chambre dhotes near Carentan.

The web site: Normandy Bed and Breakfast Farmhouse

Places are very limited only 2 places available at £130.00 per day - training. You will get 2 days training with 2 fellow riders.

Oh date - Thursday 17th September to Monday 21st September 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Normandy April 2009

I have just got back from Normandy, having done 1700 miles, home to home. The weather was fantastic, just like the roads.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What is in a Logo.........DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

Well it had to happen, another phone call from the DSA a little unhappy about the way I made comment about the change of logo for the Enhanced Rider Scheme. I was a little abrupt with the caller (sorry) as the old logo was used in this week Motorcycle News. Comment made, 'old advert'. Well logos taken off and I am in two minds whether to take the whole web site off line. You are dealing with a government agency, is it worth it.
Can you spot the difference: Old one below......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme update - Logo

It does really make me wonder what all our money is used for.... This scheme is a voluntary job, yet we get pestered about the DSA Logo for the scheme being wrong on the web site. All they have done is taken some words out and when asked when will you be changng the logo on all your display stands, it is free to change it on peoples web sites. Well the logo has been change...


Friday, February 06, 2009

New DSA Motorcycle Test - Latest News

Here is the latest on the DSA Motorcycle Test. I could say a lot, but I will say, I am glad I not offering CBT and Direct Access Training. To all you trainers, good luck.....

DSA Motorcycle Test Latest News