Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike to Bike Radio Communication - Autocom & Midland

I recently met with Nigel Bowers and was lucky enough to have a demonstration ride with him. Although there is nothing new with this type of ride which lasted about 10 - 12 miles along 'A' roads and dual carriageways, it was the first time I had has a live running commentary with it. Both of us had two way radios fitted and Nigel offered to lead the way and give the commentary. I have seen this done on Nigels website and others as well, however, when you actually follow a professional rider such as Nigel and are able to see the whole picture along with the commentary it really becomes apparent that radios are a huge advantage to tutoring. In recent years the cost of these radio systems has dropped quite significantly, and even a cheap set performs quite reasonably, after all it is not as though they need to transmit to the moon and back.

There are some major benefits in the use of radio systems during tutoring. They can help the pupil/associate concentrate on the road ahead as they will not have to constantly remember when the next turn is coming up, or constantly look behind them to see the indicators on the instructors bike. Remember, the more time you spend looking behind you the less time you have to check the hazards in front of you.

If anybody else out there has the chance of one of these rides, snap his hand off. It is well worth it. The instructors aren't ogres, they are bikers with huge experience and willingness to help.

Jon Cook

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