Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike to Bike Radio Communication - Autocom & Midland

I recently met with Nigel Bowers and was lucky enough to have a demonstration ride with him. Although there is nothing new with this type of ride which lasted about 10 - 12 miles along 'A' roads and dual carriageways, it was the first time I had has a live running commentary with it. Both of us had two way radios fitted and Nigel offered to lead the way and give the commentary. I have seen this done on Nigels website and others as well, however, when you actually follow a professional rider such as Nigel and are able to see the whole picture along with the commentary it really becomes apparent that radios are a huge advantage to tutoring. In recent years the cost of these radio systems has dropped quite significantly, and even a cheap set performs quite reasonably, after all it is not as though they need to transmit to the moon and back.

There are some major benefits in the use of radio systems during tutoring. They can help the pupil/associate concentrate on the road ahead as they will not have to constantly remember when the next turn is coming up, or constantly look behind them to see the indicators on the instructors bike. Remember, the more time you spend looking behind you the less time you have to check the hazards in front of you.

If anybody else out there has the chance of one of these rides, snap his hand off. It is well worth it. The instructors aren't ogres, they are bikers with huge experience and willingness to help.

Jon Cook

Friday, November 21, 2008

C.B.T. & Direct Access Training - Youtube

Check out this site for a look at the new motorcycle test, which if all goes to plan should be the one you will take in MARCH 2009:


This is not a DSA site.....

Advancedbiker from Youtube goes to see SAPAR

Last week I went over to RAF Shawbury and helped the lads from a local ROSPA group, as they assessed a number of staff from the base, as part of a road safety initiative. My thanks to Paul Cartwright for organising the event and even stopping to be photographed without a 'fag'on.......
Oh I had the video cameras switched on, so here is the clip:

The Enhanced Rider Scheme ERS DSA at the NEC

Celebrity bikers join the Driving Standards Agency to support the enhanced rider scheme at the 2008 NEC motorcycle show

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has invited popular TV motorsport presenter Louise Brady and former Superbike Champion and now MotoGP commentator Steve Parrish to support an exciting new scheme aimed at significantly improving motorcycle road safety.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) will be showcased at the 2008 Motorcycle and Scooter Show, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, from November 28-December 7.

The ERS is a new training package that forms part of the Government's Motorcycling Strategy (GMS) to help reduce the number of fatal and serious accidents on our roads each year involving motorcyclists. ERS aims to encourage and help qualified riders become safer on the roads and reduce accidents.

The DSA is encouraging motorcyclists at the show to visit the stand, to discover the benefits of ERS and look at how it can help biking for the future.

Louise Brady said: "The Enhanced Rider Scheme offers an opportunity to iron out bad habits and keep you safer on the roads, as well as helping you get more from your bike. And it can help to gain riders discounts on insurance.

"Accident statistics among motorcyclists are high and they suggest that we should all have our riding ability assessed from time to time."

The show takes place from November 28-December 7 at the NEC, Birmingham, with a media day on November 27. DSA road safety experts will be joined on their stand by Steve Parrish on November 30 and Louise Brady on December 6 and 7. The DSA exhibition stand will be located in Hall 2, stand 2H15.

Funny, I thought it was launched last year as new initiative, with the Hairy Bikers at the show ........... Ah well see what happens this time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

When the riding season ends....... Or does it ?

A couple of years ago, I would have been thinking of putting the motorcycle up for the winter, but during the last month, since coming back from Normandy, I haven't even thought of doing it. Why, well there have been opportunities to go out when the weather has been quite mild, for the time of year. Take for instance last week, when it was BRAKE road safety week - I spent a day with the local Rospa Motorcycle group, helping out with assessment rides at a nearby RAF base. The only problem I had was everybody knew me by my Youtube name - Advancedbiker.
Will be back with more updates, as I have been bo..ocked by obe of my readers for not keeping the site upto date. Is that better Chris........