Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motor Cycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA)

Quote from website:

"In October 2008, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) launched the Motor Cycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA) – an Association dedicated to serving the diverse needs of motorcycle rider trainers and companies engaged in all types of training, including off-road and track days."

As far as I can see this is linked to the RPMT and DSA and on the surface looks a good idea, however I haven't worked out the benefits yet. They want £99.00 off me to join. I am all for regulation and standards, but the training I do is a hobby I get paid for. All this association this and scheme that,makes me wonder is it worthwhile........ I think I will go into to Advanced Training Tours

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chrisbez said...

Nigel, I think that the "hobby" you indulge in is primarily a dedication to the perfection of bike riding in those who want to learn.
Any biker who has been "trained" by you would agree.
"Enlightenment" is the keyword to your attitude towards training.
Keep it up!
Chris B.